Do we have an Etsy equivalent in Europe?

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Original Post

It would be great if we really had a European etsy - mainly for shipping purposes. Does anyone know of something similar that is really successful?

Posted at 4:23am Oct 31, 2010 EDT


You can buy from the UK if you visit and there is also Dawanda in Germany.

Posted at 5:49am Oct 31, 2010 EDT

There are handmade marketplaces in Europe, as Glassprimitif has said - whether they could really be called equivalent to Etsy is another matter. And there are bajillions of Etsy members in Europe you can buy from and sell to - just use the 'shop local' feature. :)

Posted at 5:57am Oct 31, 2010 EDT

Great thanks! Had no idea Dawanda was in Germany - that's cool. Are any of them as big and successful as Etsy?

Posted at 6:58am Oct 31, 2010 EDT

Dawanda is the biggest - it has german french & english versions - for best results you should list in all 3 languages, but you can list in just one language if you prefer

Folksy is only open to UK sellers but worldwide buyers

Posted at 7:17am Oct 31, 2010 EDT

I just registered on Folksy but then realised that it is only open to UK sellers. That sucks !

Posted at 9:34am Oct 31, 2010 EDT

for czech, slovakia and poland there is and :)..but not in english im afraid

Posted at 12:31pm Nov 9, 2010 EST