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Original Post

The Createability Team is a group of Etsy sellers with disabilities or who are caregivers to disabled people. The team exists to provide support and advice to each other, as well as opportunities to chat and promote!

Find us all by searching for the team tag "Createability Team"

More information about the team here:

our blog, maintained by berrybluecreations.etsy.com

Flickr group, run by admin cuddlebugkids.etsy.com

To join the team, please contact ME at cindylouwho2.etsy.com

old thread was here, if you need to catch up!

Posted at 12:09am Nov 1, 2010 EDT


November promotions thread:

Please use it! :)

Posted at 12:15am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

Well, I just triggered my Yahoo spam filter by trying to send an email to this many people LOL - I didn't have a problem the last group email I sent! It tells me to wait a few hours & try again :)

Posted at 12:25am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

Happy November! Well almost. It's a few hours away here.

Posted at 12:25am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

yes, it isn't November here either yet, but I wanted to get the new links so I could send them in the email to everyone. You can see how well that went! LOL

Posted at 12:29am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

Happy November!

Posted at 12:36am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

ugh, I just screwed up horribly & sent the email to half the team without hiding your email addresses - & there is no way to fix that. I am so sorry. I had it pasted in the "bcc" field but then when Yahoo rejected it as spam it must have switched the field to "To:"

half the team will get the message with the addresses blocked, & the other half will get if with addresses showing.

I really apologize (it's quite clear the new medication is NOT working)

Posted at 12:52am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

thanks, berryblue!

Posted at 1:06am Nov 1, 2010 EDT

You're very welcome Cindylou :)

Posted at 1:07am Nov 1, 2010 EDT