Shipping to Norway-- address format?

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Original Post

I just sold an item to a buyer in Norway, and saw that the format of her address was different between Etsy and Paypal, and neither of these formats matched up to what I found when I tried doing a Google search for how Norwegian shipping addresses. I sent her a convo but haven't heard back (totally understandable-- I know not everyone has regular internet access, or time to check email frequently), but I don't want to delay sending her item out any further, so I figured I would ask here to see if anyone can help me.

Etsy listed the address as:
[Street Name] [House Number]
[Town Name], [County Name], [Postal Code]

Does anyone know whether this is as expected? I just don't want the package to either get delayed or not arrive due to the address format. Also, if you have any other tips or advice about sending to Norway, it would be much appreciated!

Posted at 2:02pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT


yes....and I print as the names are usually long and fancy spelling...good luck...

Posted at 2:21pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

The address format in Europe (I am from Germany) usually goes like this

[Street Name] [Number]
[Zip Code] [City]

Posted at 2:31pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

Appliqueheaven-- was your "yes" in response to my question about whether this address format is correct? Sorry, I realized my post was really convoluted:).

(Also, just wanted to say that I really love your shop!)

Posted at 2:31pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

i've shipped to norway the way you've got it listed in the op & it made it there fine. just print clearly.

Posted at 2:41pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

Thanks, JennyMJewels! I was concerned because most sites I found when googling for Norway's address format had the postal code listed before the town name, but perhaps it doesn't matter.

Posted at 2:45pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

the problem with the Etsy checkout is that it has a standardised address format based on US addresses - there is no way to re-arrange items (such as postal code before city name) to match local usage

But so long as all the elements of the address are there, the package should get there OK

Posted at 2:52pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

ijsbeer says

I am from Norway and our address is written like this:
Street name, Street number
Post code, Town or city

The confusion arises from the fact that etsy makes us fill in our state, even though that is not used in Norwegian addresses. Not enough people living here for it to be a point. I think most formats should reach Norway fine though. It does for me:)

Posted at 8:47pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

Scentery says

It doesn't really matter how you write any address as long as all the info is there. Most locals can recognize what part of the address is the zip code or whatever.

Posted at 8:56pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT

I bookmark this site to help me when I run into addressing problems for international buyers.

Posted at 9:27pm Nov 5, 2010 EDT