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Original Post

saburkitty says

This site is so much fun! I just had to share it.

Yes it says domain name creator, but these could be business names too - most of us move to or have domains.

People have been talking about opening more than one shop here, what to name them, what to name their websites and the possibility of the "shop name change coming soon".

If your stumped about naming or just want a laugh in some cases. I hope this site helps.

~ Saburkitty (^.^)/

Posted at 12:53 am Nov 6, 2010 EDT


yenbo says
Edited on Aug 23, 2011

Fact. It´s not always easy to create short, descriptive and catchy shop names.
To fire up the creative process of finding the right Etsy shop name, I´ve added an Etsy Shop Name Generator to the Seller Tools:

Generate names, then click on them to check availability on Etsy, Twitter and the most important generic domains.

Success !

Posted at 4:13 am Aug 23, 2011 EDT

Just checked both out- FUN! Thanks for the links! I like your 'stache, Kitty- it's oh so discrete! :D

Posted at 4:41 am Aug 23, 2011 EDT

yenbo, just went to yours, but it said something about malicious this true? i really wanted to use it....

Posted at 7:10 pm Dec 15, 2011 EST

I'm really finding it hard to decide on a name for my shop! :( I had a great name in mind (LiveLetLive), but unfortunately, it's not available. My shop will feature my handmade vegan items, including faux "feather" earrings made from polymer clay, non-leather festival belts, and lots of fun hair falls and bindis. My stuff is kinda diverse and colorful, and while a main selling-point is that my materials are vegan, I don't want to limit myself to a vegan customer base by using that term in my shop name. So stumped!!! :(

Posted at 3:50 am Jan 25, 2012 EST

Oh this link leads know where now. :(

Posted at 1:47 pm Mar 11, 2013 EDT

Hanster says
Edited on Apr 14, 2013

im having a craft booth and i am stumped on a name
any ideas?

Posted at 5:02 pm Apr 14, 2013 EDT

Trudy Shaw from secondarycreations says
Edited on Apr 14, 2013

Adrienne - I actually like "WingsOfClay," but if you're going to be selling things other than clay, I can see why you might want something else.

Hanster - Have absolutely no idea what you sell, so it's hard to give ideas.

Posted at 5:27 pm Apr 14, 2013 EDT

I love my name XD

Although I only have it because I couldn't actually decide on one in the first place :P

Posted at 6:22 pm Apr 14, 2013 EDT

I've been trying to think of a name for MONTHS, with it being in the back of my mind for years now. I just haven't had that moment where it pops into my head and I instantly start smiling; well, I woke up in the middle of the night once and was so unbelievably excited that I finally found it but unfortunately i thought repeating it over and over until I fell back asleep would do it, but nope! of course I forgot.

Anywhoosle, none of these links seem to be working. Does anyone know of a generator type of website to get the juices flowing again? I seem to be stuck.

- Mandy

ps i would be selling headdresses, bellbottoms, some crystal wraps and jewelry made form leather and crystals. But I want the name to be transitional, not about the product but about the feel.
Coulple written down:
DoubleBlink (my grandfather used to do this across crowded rooms, meaning "I love you")
but I'm really not into any :(

tl:dr Anyone have another great generator site, I'm stuck in a rut!

Posted at 3:06 pm May 31, 2013 EDT

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