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Original Post

Scentery says

It's still incomplete since I can't remember all of them.

Inspired by the "begging blogger" threads. If you have the time and money to send them freebies, might as well use the it on proper advertising which will get results instead of just people who comment to win -_-

If you know more, feel free to add to the list.

^Pay per visitor... able to target your ad based on age, category, location, gender, location. The best targeted ads site IMO.
^Pay per click, bid for keywords.
^Cross between adwords and Project Wonderful. Bid per click. They're always running a $20 credit on signup if you click through one of their users so it's worth a try. Go to and browse a bit around until one of the ads says something like "Your ad here for free" -_-
^Pay per click similar to Adsense.
^Pay popular bloggers to blog about your shop. This is the best place to find high PR bloggers- they're serious about blogging and aren't the "give me a freebie and I'll review you" types.
^Bid for ad spaces on blogs.
^Buy monthly text links on sites, targeted by category.
Pay per click for search engine traffic.
^Targeted ads. If you haven't made a page, do so now. They sometimes send out $50 advertising coupons try get you to try out their service.
^Pay per Tweet. Have those with large amounts of followers tweet your blog.
^Pay per Tweet
^Pay per click similar to Adsense.
^Pay per review. Has negative connotations though, since it's very easy for bloggers to get in, and they're know to only say nice things.
^For the graphics and web designers. Also has some really high PR non-graphics blogs worth looking at. It's very tough for bloggers to be accepted, so their quality is really high.


Posted at 1:01pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT


This is really useful, thanks.

Posted at 1:02pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Scentery says

Btw, on if you haven't already, you can go to their main page and add your site for free. It's separate from the pay per visitor service.

Posted at 1:04pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

jolinne says

Thank you so much! Very useful!

Posted at 1:10pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

wow! thank you!

Posted at 1:12pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

moboogie says

Marking, thank you!

Posted at 1:21pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Scentery says
^Microsoft Adcenter. One of the biggest pay per click sites along with Adsense and Yahoo.

Posted at 1:24pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Scentery says
^Have your link show up on blog posts when visitors hover over keywords.

Posted at 1:45pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

marking. Thank you.

Posted at 1:46pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT