Why haven't I sold anything?

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Original Post

Please check out my shop and leave any comments or suggestions as to what I could do better, or anything that could be changed. Thanks for any imput!

Posted at 7:53pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT


Your shop is nice, I would say to you the same thing I try to do myself. And that is to work on the photos. I am still taking and retaking pics...never thought when I opened shop I'd be a photographer too,lol!

Posted at 8:03pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Is there anything specific with the photos I might try or do better? Please any imput would be greatly appreciated!

Posted at 8:07pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

bymytouch says

Your shop title and announcement will be more helpful to you if you describe what you make - using keywords as much as possible so that you'll get picked up in searches.

Whilst the banner and avatar are attractive, they don't relate to your items very well, so you might want to reconsider them.

You might want to consider putting your items into sections to help customers navigate your shop - perhaps by age groups and/or item.

Your bio is good, but brief - perhaps you can expand it so that people feel they get to know you a bit.

Your kimono sets are amazing - really unique! I would suggest you use all 5 photo slots and take different angles (back, front, sideways for the shoes etc) - try to remove the date if you can.

The price is good as is the shipping and the photos are in focus which is always great :)

To get seen more, I would suggest you renew regularly and pick an item with a great photo so it'll stand out in the crowd of listing, even if you renew the same item each time.

I reckon you're onto a winner with the kimono sets in particular so I would make more in different fabrics and heavily promote!

best of luck

Posted at 8:09pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Terra, OMIGOSH! I sure don't know how anyone with your cute items could be passed up once sales reve up again. I see you don't have too many hits yet, it's kind of early in the game for you.
I was doing pretty good and it's been very slow for a good while now, with sales and hits too. I think it's just early for Christmas shoppers. We were at the mall today and it was packed but we saw very few people carrying bags and the stores had few lookers.

Your kimonos and shoe sets are just adorable. Those should sell quickly once things pick up. Don't let your self confidence wane. It's certainly not a problem with your shop. You little model is just the cutest sugar lump.... All the best!

Posted at 8:11pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

I honestly think your photos are great. I'm pretty new myself but here is what I've been told and it seems to work....
1. Add a location to your profile (it can be just a state, but not knowing where the item is shiping from will turn some people away)
2. Do not add all of your items on the same day, add 3-5 items spaced 2-4 hours apart each day (or each day that you can)....people are more likely to see your listings if they have been added recently.
3. Create a facebook fan page and/or a twitter account and add them to your profile or announcement. I didn't think this would do much for me but my views have doubled since I did this and I've made 4 direct sales from facebook.

I hope this helps....like I said, I'm fairly new myself but I have seen great improvement since I started doing these things. Good Luck. :) And I think your things are adorable by the way. Especially the dress shirt bib....I'd buy it myself if my kids were still babies.

Posted at 8:14pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Cute stuff!

Try to adjust your camera so it doesn't show the date. Getting good photos is so tough, and is a work in progress in my shop too, so I can't hand out any advice on that.

You have many items. It would be easier for buyers to navigate if you included shop sections.

Hang in there! Keep checking out the forums. There's always good advice here.

Posted at 8:16pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT

Thank you guys so much! I definitely will see what I can do about some of that stuff!

Posted at 8:29pm Nov 6, 2010 EDT