Alternatives to E-6000 Glue

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Original Post

Ifeltcute says

Just wondering what's the best alternative to E-6000 glue. I'm hoping for something as strong but not as toxic?

Posted at 9:22pm Nov 8, 2010 EST


527 I like it better it doesn't have the bad fumes,although it's toxic as well but not as bad.

Posted at 9:26pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

SimDed says

E-6000 is toxic? Wow, I LOVE the smell of my E-6000.... wait a minute, I guess that could be a problem :-)

Posted at 9:28pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

Ifeltcute says

Thanks "itsnewagain...." where do you purchase your glue?

Posted at 9:29pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

Ifeltcute says

Too funny SimDed, uh-oh, I think you've probably fried a few brain cells:0

Posted at 9:30pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

SimDed says

geeez, you made me think now, maybe I'll start doing my gluing under the hood that vents to the outside that I have for my resin.... lololol
but I like to reward myself by doing my gluing in front of the tv :-)
I've seen 527 at local Beverly's, so Michaels must have it also. Haven't tried it.

Posted at 9:33pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

Ifeltcute says

Ok, thanks SimDed. Everytime I use the E-6000 that warning label screams at me.
"This glue has ingredients known to cause cancer in the state of California". I don't know why it says California only. I accidentally got some of the glue on my hand tonight and it started to burn, maybe I'm a bit paranoid too, lol

Posted at 9:39pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

If you're bonding metal to metal, I like JB Weld. It's a silver-colored epoxy that you can get in any hardware/home improvement store. The shop guys at work have used it to bond metal brackets, as well as reinforce metal-to-metal screws that they never want to come I figured if it works well enough for industrial purposes, it'd more than work for jewelry.

Smell-wise, it's not that strong unless you're right up next to it. It tacks up quickly and bonds within 12 hours.

Posted at 11:22pm Nov 8, 2010 EST

I get it at Michaels but had to really look for it, it was on the bottom shelf and could hardly be seen.

Posted at 8:35am Nov 13, 2010 EST

kbowling says

I am glad to see this post. I use e6000 because every non-toxic glue I have found doens't work - weldbond being one of them.

Posted at 8:35pm Nov 22, 2010 EST