Price Tags and Craft Shows

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Original Post

I'm getting ready for my first craft show on Saturday and I'm debating putting tags with the prices on all of my items or just having signs with the pricing listed.

How do you handle this? And what type of tag would you suggest using if you think I should put something on each item?

Posted at 11:12am Nov 9, 2010 EST


lindab142 says

If your items are all the same, you can use signs.

But, people like to see prices on the items, in my opinion - they even ask if it is marked.

Posted at 11:15am Nov 9, 2010 EST

I haven't done a craft show for a long time, but when I'm shopping it's a put-off to not know what an item's price is.
Removeable stickers work well.

Posted at 11:15am Nov 9, 2010 EST

I'd use hang tags.

go to staples or walmart's business section (where things like copy paper are) and you should be able to find them in at least 2 sizes, one will be tiny, great for just the price alone, the other is 1 3/4 X 1 3/32, great for a FTC hang tag or just putting more info one, like Amythyst, or 10k gold, or something like that.

less than $2 for 100

Posted at 11:17am Nov 9, 2010 EST

Depends how difficult items are to label. It is nice to have a hangtag with a removable pricetag, that way if the item is gifted the recipient can look you up.

Posted at 11:17am Nov 9, 2010 EST

just a warning ... you can put up dozens of signs and tag every item ... you will still get asked what the price of something is!!

I would tag each one though -

Posted at 11:19am Nov 9, 2010 EST

Yes, I'm getting ready for my first craft show as well on the 19th and I bought the hanging tags from walmart for $1.88 for 100. I wish you the best on your first craft show.

Posted at 11:20am Nov 9, 2010 EST

Tag everything. And then take the tag off when something is sold; it's an easy way to keep track of what sells.

Posted at 11:20am Nov 9, 2010 EST

I would say tag your items. A lot of people hate to ask the price of an item. If they don't see it on the item, they may not buy it because they have to ask.

Posted at 11:21am Nov 9, 2010 EST

I used to sell baskets full of the same items and used large signs. For the one of the kind items, I put price tags on.

People still always asked me "how much" even though my signs were very clear and visible. :o)

But, that was always a good way to start a conversation.

Posted at 11:22am Nov 9, 2010 EST