Selling on you post your phone number?

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Original Post

Husband wants to sell a car. Is it safe to put your cell phone number for contact?

Posted at 11:07am Nov 11, 2010 EST


i use my email first. there are a lot of nuts on craigslist...we did sell a car through craigslist and once we decided on who we wanted to talk to we agreed to exchange phone numbers and it worked out fine.

putting your phone number in the ad leaves you open to you know, stuff....a lot of things can be tracked by your phone number. that's my 2 cents...

and hi, yoyo ;-)

Posted at 11:10am Nov 11, 2010 EST

chanchala says

I had someone e-mail me from an advert in craigslist and it was a scam. Thankfully I didn't fall for it but I easily could have. I would be very careful about what information I put on there. Certainly wouldn't put the phone no. myself.

Posted at 11:10am Nov 11, 2010 EST

Sure, if you want lots of random sales calls and texts.

I just let them put the scrambled email address, then when I get the email I can decide whether to respond or give my phone number.

Posted at 11:10am Nov 11, 2010 EST

tinahdee says

I usually just have them respond via email first, and then I send the individual my phone number. That way you're not broadcasting it to the world.

Posted at 11:11am Nov 11, 2010 EST

We just sold my car last week on Craigslist and I put my hubby's cell phone. We never have a problem.

Posted at 11:13am Nov 11, 2010 EST

Hi Mary!

He put his cell phone. His phone won't allow texting so that won't be a problem.

Thanks for all your input.

Posted at 11:16am Nov 11, 2010 EST

No way would I do that! There are too many nutcases on CL. I'll give the number out once we've corresponded by email, we've set up a time for him/her to come look at whatever I'm selling (in case of last minute need to cancel) and I am fairly sure the person is not a scam artist or axe murderer.

Posted at 11:17am Nov 11, 2010 EST

I do well with craigslist. I use the anon e-mail feature. No phone at first. Then if it has progressed to where I will be meeting a potential customer (in a public place and bring a friend!) then I will give my cell # in case we can't find each other or get lost or something.

Posted at 11:17am Nov 11, 2010 EST