Can we rotate a picture in Etsy?

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Original Post

Well, I'm having problems rotating my pictures horizontally to vertically.

In Photoshop, My pictures are all vertical and nicely shown but when uploaded it automatically flips horizontally.

HELP. :(

Posted at 2:22 am Nov 14, 2010 EST


your pictures appear to be normal to me

Posted at 2:24 am Nov 14, 2010 EST

Do you mean it flips when you pull it up in photoshop or on Etsy?? Sometimes my pictures rotate when I pull them up to edit them in PaintShop but it's an easy fix... I just select "image" and then "rotate" either left or right or input a specific degree (like 25%)

I think your pictures look great!! :)

Posted at 2:30 am Nov 14, 2010 EST

@MountainManCreations Hi, well actally in the earrings where the problem begins. I can't rotate them vertically.

@TearfulTouch Hi, Thanks! I tried rotating them on Preview but it still appears horizontal here on Etsy. In Photoshop and Preview its ok. The problem is with Etsy. Maybe they have some kind of an automatically adjusting thing.

When you see the earrings part. They are all horizontal. Unfortunately I don't have paintshop. :(

Posted at 3:01 am Nov 14, 2010 EST

..hmmm.. have you tried resizing them?? I'm still not understanding why you need them "vertically".. they look great horizontally (maybe Etsy gremlins live in the wiring & knew your items would look fantastic that way!!) :D
I like the "angle" you have your items displayed in. But I did notice one needed a fix... will this help??... --->

Posted at 3:20 am Nov 14, 2010 EST

crochetgal says

Your photos should load exactly as you have them saved on your computer. Etsy does not rotate your photos for you.

If your pictures are all fine in photoshop, save them one more time before uploading them to Etsy.

Posted at 4:12 am Nov 14, 2010 EST

@TearfulTouch Thank you so much for the heads up. I know the crystal didn't seem to pop out right. hehe Bad combination of the background. Fuzzy gremlins. I did tried resizing them. Oh well, I bet I can live wih the horizontal things.

Again thank you very much!

@Crochetgal I dunno maybe because of the Camera I used. :(

Posted at 11:55 am Nov 14, 2010 EST


Try Picasa. It is a free to download photo editing tool from Google. Just Google it.

It will do your rotating and some really nice straightening and cropping and brightening and contrast adjustment.

It is a useful tool to have on hand.

Posted at 12:04 pm Nov 14, 2010 EST


Thank you soo much. I will.

Posted at 3:01 pm Nov 14, 2010 EST

loosewire says

Hi there,

Macs are notorious for being "helpful" and auto rotating them for your viewing convenience. Also, Photoshop has an auto-rotate feature, which can be disabled. I believe it reads the original orientation of your camera to determine "appropriate" viewing orientation.

I've been trying to search for a means to turn this off, but cannot find it quickly enough. Argh. Perhaps someone else with Photoshop will be able to find this setting?

Hope this helps - partially.

Posted at 3:12 pm Nov 14, 2010 EST

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