Help! Can I send this in a convo?

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Original Post

So I was wanting to send an adorable little holiday greeting + coupon that I made to my past buyers as a nice gift of sorts (I've had customers say that they would be shopping at my store again). But I started thinking about it and I don't know if I should send them.

The Etsy Dos&Don'ts say that "You must not use Conversations to send unsolicited advertising or promotions." I wasn't planning on sending it to random people, just previous customers. Would it be wrong to send it? How would you feel as a buyer to receive something like that?

Thanks for your input on this one... I really want to send them, they're so cute!

-Erin of TWV

Posted at 1:20 am Nov 15, 2010 EST


Don't do it. It's against the rules.

Posted at 1:22 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

good question. if it says not to, i just wouldn't. maybe there is another way for you to reach out with a coupon/discount. I'm sure your buyers will appreciate it!

Posted at 1:23 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

Sometimes I get promos through regular email...that doesn't bother me...but thru convo is a no-no.

Posted at 1:25 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

I almost didn't even think of it being wrong, I think I'm too innocent to be in these hardened etsy business streets lol. I just wanted to do something nice :/ oh well. Thanks for your input...

Posted at 1:28 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

I'd send them to the email addresses associated to their paypal email. But I think there may be a law about not sending unsolicited emails. (most businesses ask if you want to be added to their mailing list.

Posted at 1:28 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

Some of your customers may not like it, either. I understand you are just trying to do something nice, but it might come off as being pushy to some.

Posted at 1:51 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

I do not like receiving promo stuff from people I have purchased from in the past. I've been put on a few newsletters without my permission and it is annoying.

I know you want sales (we all do!) but past buyers know where to find you if they want to purchase from you again.

Posted at 1:53 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

Yeah, I get it. But at least I was mature enough to think about it? An moral enough not to send them anyways? Eh. I spent a lot on time on that dang coupon too -___- anyways, good night all, it's 2:00am ...and I've got a presentation to give in the morning, thanks again!

Posted at 2:12 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

cynthesis says

Maybe you could put a note in your shop announcement along the lines of "join mailing list for instant customer appreciation coupon" or something.

I appreciate being informed of sales and discounts if they're genuine sales and just adverts. if a seller has a mailing list I usually add a comment to add me.

Posted at 2:25 am Nov 15, 2010 EST

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