Foto Fuze

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Original Post

Has anyone tried foto fuze and if so how do you like it. I had been reading up on it through the tutorial that Tim Adams did and I was going to try it but it said when I went to download and highlight the picture I wanted to try that I needed to download Fire Fox and I haven't done that and I didn't really know anything about it. Is it safe to download the free Fire Fox and will it be hard to use? Does it work with all the things that you usually do on a computer and will I still be able to you the Internet Explorer if I chose to do so and is Fire Fox really better to use? Also tell me if you like the Foto Fuze? Will I have to change anything to use Fire Fox?

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 15, 2010 EST


Is anyone out there?

Posted at 1:25pm Nov 15, 2010 EST

ZenHen says

fire fox is a free browser (like IE) and I believe it is very safe (it's the one I use besides google chrome and safari)
looked into fotofuze but haven't tried it yet as I use the software on my computer to edit

Posted at 1:29pm Nov 15, 2010 EST

ZenHen says

basically for fotofuze I believe you have to take the picture on a completely white background
to make the 3d pics you place the item on a turntable and rotate about 30 times

Posted at 1:30pm Nov 15, 2010 EST

Thank you ZenHen,

So you also downloaded Safari and Chrome? So am I like the only person who has never done those? I just always went with what came with the computer.

Posted at 1:44pm Nov 15, 2010 EST

vegangurl says

Gilstrapdesigns, you are not the only one. I don't like having unnecessary stuff on my computer so I only have the browser the computer came with. I want to try foto fuze but don't want to add another program to my computer.

Posted at 5:45pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

Hi All! I just wanted to share my experience with foto fuze. First off, I downloaded the portable version of firefox to my flashdrive. So I use it off of there and it is not taking up room on my computer and slowing it down. I think it takes up 14 mb. As to my experience with foto fuze, it seems like it will be very helpful but it runs slow (at least on my computer). I have had some pictures turn out great and some not so great. Honestly though, it is worth it to have some turn out great. I hope that this helps! :)!/EarthSenseJewel

Posted at 7:22pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

vegangurl says

Thanks EarthSenseJewerly!

Posted at 5:18am Nov 17, 2010 EST

you might want to check out this thread I started a while ago, it has my opinion and fotofuze replied to my concerns in it.

hope this helps

House of Istria


Posted at 7:27am Nov 17, 2010 EST

Hi all, I tried Foto Fuze for the first time yesterday for the main picture of this item...

I think it turned out awesome, but after that I tried it for another item and it didn't come out so well, I will probably try to play around with it this weekend when I have some free time!

Posted at 7:32am Nov 17, 2010 EST