Do you have to pay taxes to sell things on etsy?

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Original Post

Are you totally legal just with the etsy receipt?

Posted at 1:41pm Nov 16, 2010 EST


If your state has a sales tax, you should charge and pay tax on sales made within your state. (And you need to be registered with your state to do so.)

Posted at 1:43pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

Kathy1910 says

Yes. You have to claim all income earned from whatever source.

Posted at 1:44pm Nov 16, 2010 EST


I am a legal business, we have to file tax returns here in Uk.

Posted at 1:47pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

Below is a helpful post about both sales and income tax from Etsy seller GoTo from this thread...


GoTo says:

For sales tax info see here:

Sales Tax & Business Registration

See here for the IRS quiz to determine if you would have been required to file for 2009 & get an idea if you need to file for 2010--click the "begin" link at the bottom:

Do I Need to File a Tax Return?,,id=219890,00.html

Help for Filing your Federal Income Taxes for Your Small Business

Posted at 1:50pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

Yes. I have a business license and pay them quarterly over the internet. I use an excel spreadsheet and it makes it easy

Posted at 1:55pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

CasualSoul says

The only thing you "have" to do in this life is die.

You are "supposed" to pay taxes.

Posted at 1:56pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

If you are making money doing anything you are supposed to pay taxes on it...and sales tax if that applies in your state.

Posted at 1:59pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

lv2cr8 says

CasualSoul says:
The only thing you "have" to do in this life is die.

You are "supposed" to pay taxes.
I thought the say went, "the only thing you have to do is die and pay taxes" ;)

Posted at 2:00pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

I think it's "The only thinkgs certain in life are death and taxes"

Posted at 2:03pm Nov 16, 2010 EST

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