International Christmas shipping deadlines!

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Original Post

I'm in New Zealand and there's just one more week for me to accept orders for international shipping - my last day accepting orders to arrive by Christmas is 27TH NOVEMBER

What are your shipping deadlines for Chrismtas shopping? (I'm hoping I haven't missed out already!)

Posted at 8:51pm Nov 19, 2010 EST


I completely close up shop by about the 5th (I am in Canada) because no matter how many times you tell people you are not in the US, they assume you are and it is way too much stress when people have shopped for Christmas and mail gets bogged down :)

Posted at 9:00pm Nov 19, 2010 EST

good idea rowantree...even in normal parts of the year buyers are impatient with the mail and sellers get the blame and stress...thanks

Posted at 9:26pm Nov 19, 2010 EST

marking, so I can remember to clear my own shipping deadlines, I ship from Portugal...

Posted at 9:43pm Nov 19, 2010 EST

uncljohn says

It is way too Kool to be working in my garage here in Phoenix Arizona when the mail man pulls up to deliver a Christmas present today ordered and sent from a store in Bulgaria and last week from the U.K..
This is what purchasing from stores here is all about. The fun of finding and then the thrill of recieveing and then the pleasure of giving come the Christmas celebration.
Thank all of you for being there to make my day more enjoyable.

Posted at 12:14am Nov 20, 2010 EST

RowanTree - agreed! I'll be shutting up shop on 28th Nov

Posted at 1:09am Nov 20, 2010 EST