Can you send a PayPal invoice to someone without a PP account?

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Original Post

quirke says

There's a way to pay for a purchase with a cc via PP without having an actual PP account. Does anyone know if that works if you send a customer an invoice, or do you have to check out through a venue?

Posted at 6:31pm Nov 21, 2010 EST


cmu55 says

I don't have a clue quirk but I will give you a bump uo so that someone can answer.

Posted at 6:33pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

Yes. They are prompted to either join Paypal or pay by credit card.

Posted at 6:34pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

Yes, you can send them an invoice via their email and they can make a few payments that way without signing up for Paypal.

Posted at 6:34pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

BeadCasita says

why not try their email address and send an invoice with request payment? if they can pay without an account i suppose they can then give their cc number to paypal and maybe it would process?? i should hope so.

Posted at 6:36pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

quirke says

Awesome, thank you!

Posted at 6:49pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

Yes, I did it this week to a lady who didn't have a paypal acc and wanted to upgrade her shipping to a faster service after she had already placed her order. She had paid by cc through the checkout, then filled out her cc details again on the invoice I sent her for the extra shipping fees. She said it was very easy.

Posted at 6:52pm Nov 21, 2010 EST

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