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galla15 says

Promotional Frenzy Thread - This thread is about gaining visibility, building SEO and promoting.
Do you want more sales? More views? More shop and item hearts? More search engine exposure?

********* SALES over 200 in about a month*****

If you want to network, and gain visibility with your shop this is the thread for you.

****You will get what you give here.**** Those that are active will gain the most benefit.

Feel free to share your social networking links, blog links, flickr links etc. The key is to stay for awhile and network and participate in all the events you can.
DO NOT share links to other threads, and other BNR's in this thread please. None of us will benefit from directing traffic away from ourselves. I am only referring to threads that require us to leave this one and participate in it. If we all promote each other, those that are active in the thread... and support each event in this thread you will see the most benefit.

Very detailed information can be found here:
This blog is updated regularly to keep you informed of the day’s events so if you have questions check it regularly to find answers.

We will hold Promotional Frenzy hour where everyone in the thread will use social networks to promote each other.

There will be SOLO Promotions - Opportunities for your individual shop to earn 30 minutes of time where the entire thread promotes your shop only. ***********************************************

BNR Treasuries will be held regularly. Treasuries created to highlight those shops that regularly help this thread...

And special events To BE Announced. We all try to blog and have a blog list that links back to our shops.

The success of this venture depends on everyone putting their effort into the common pot. The more you and everyone add, the greater your odds of bringing more customers to your store who want what you have and are willing to pay for it.

You may wonder whether you really have time for this. While we realize everyone is busy with a variety of activities each day, you should view this as one part of what you do to nurture your business, set aside some time each day, and come join us!


SOLO Promotions will be done once a week. Your shop has to participate in ONE event for the week to qualify for a SOLO promotion. One event will only require 10-30 minutes for the entire week for your shop to earn valuable promotions.

For more details on what this all means read this blog post:

For help with treasuries and BNR's Contact:

For help with blogging and creating a blog list:

For help with social networking sites:

General thread questions and scheduling:

Posted at 12:30pm Nov 22, 2010 EST


I renewed these items today:
Handmade Beaded Earrings Purple Amethyst Crystal Jewelry
Bracelet Amethyst Beaded Silver Handmade Jewelry
Amethyst Crystal Necklace Sterling Silver Tube Choker Handmade

ITEM OF THE DAY – 11/22 – Until 11PM
Originally $20 – Today $15
Handmade Beaded Wine Bottle Topper Home Decor 4

See my shop items: original beaded jewelry and home décor accessories

Please check out the Creative Christmas Gifts section in my shop:

Posted at 12:32pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

BijiBijoux says

my fb page:!/pages/Bensenville-IL/Biji-Bijoux/114091478612734

Posted at 12:33pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Birthday only!

All prints (excluding metal prints) are 25% off today!

Buy four bookmarks get one free.

Message to seller: HAPPYBIRTHDAY!

With purchase from me, receive a coupon code to for additional savings on top of her already discounted Hanukkah and/or Black Friday sale!!!

Posted at 12:34pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Christmas Gifts Under $10 BNR Treasury (Day 8)

40 sales so far! 3 this morning
Come have a look and see if there is something you might like :)

Posted at 12:34pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Lots of New Ornaments!! Sale is still on :) $3 or $4

NEW - bottle cap and scrabble tile pendants!

NEW - ceramic tile coasters - $3.50/ea

Buy 3 items, $5 or less and Get 2 FREE! (same value)

All Wall Hangings REDUCED!

Posted at 12:34pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Post your networking links!!!

Here are mine:
Facebook Fan Page:



Posted at 12:35pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Happy Monday all -- and I'm on vacation! Whee!

I'll be offline for the next couple days for traveling, but I had a question on the treasuries -- If I make one from the shops in this group, a) is there a master list of all the shops here, and b) what tag should I use for it? Promotional Frenzy?

And finally...just relisted these today -- because one sold (and the other needed some love):

Small custom magnetic spice kit. 6 tins - you pick the spices. The tins are spill proof and stick to anything magnetic (frig, oven hood, grill).

And Pin Up Girl Party Favors. Spice mixes, BBQ rubs. Retro theme and easy gifts for him.

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 22, 2010 EST