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Original Post

Welcome to the Etsy Knitters Team "Winter Warmers" voter thread! Everyone is welcome to vote :)

We have put together a selection of fantastic new items for you and hope that you will let us know which is your favorite. Voting will be open until midnight November 29th.

To vote, post the number of your favorite item from the list below in this thread. Remember, you may only vote ONCE (we do check). Team Members may not vote for themselves, but are encouraged to vote for a teammate.

Have fun browsing the links below, or you can find all of the entries here:

1. Mouse Cashmere Baby Hat by ElleGanT

2. Royal Blue BJD Sweater Set by KristinKreations

3. Hand Cranked Socks by TehachapiSockCompany

4. Rainbow Ripple Sweater by ufer

5. Harvest Hat by mrae123

6. Cloche Hat by OhMay

7. Novelty Football Helmet Hat by TraceyKnits

8. Fingerless Gloves by EllenKatherine

9. Cozy Neck Warmer by nevita

10. Bear Hug Dolls Sweater by reddeviltj

11. Baby Beloved Hat Pattern by ChickenStitches

12. Medieval Monster Mitts by EfiaFair

13. Zig Zag Scarf by YardByYardKnits

14. Handspun Scarf by StonyCreek

15. Rainbow Brite Leg Warmers by MostFavouriteAunt

16. Cherry Delight Neckwarmer by TheHighPlainsKnitter

17. Winter Spiral Scarflette by SixSkeins

18. Blue Icicle Scarf by susanneedlehands

19. Striped Earflap Hat Knitting Kit by FiberWild

20. Honeycomb Cable Scarf by kneatknitcreations

21. Handspun Convertible Neckwarmer by TerrificCreations

22. Toddler Poncho Set by JayCeeOriginals

Posted at 3:07pm Nov 22, 2010 EST


I vote for #21

And big thanks for putting all this together <3

Posted at 3:27pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

Spooky coincidence - I was just about to vote for #2 :)

Posted at 3:31pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

I vote for number #19!

So many choices! It's hard to just pick one! :D

Posted at 3:34pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

reddeviltj says

#15 - The "Brite-ness" is wonderful!

Posted at 4:10pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

They are ALL wonderful, but my vote is for #1.

Posted at 4:19pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

SixSkeins says

Number 6 gets my vote - a little bit different and very well made. :)

Posted at 4:42pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

ufer says

Woww! I have been trying to figure out which one for an hour now...
All of them are gorgeous but, I have to choose #1 is the cutest:)

Posted at 4:57pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

I'll go for 20. Great pattern and lovely warm feeling I get just by looking at the scarf!! So, I bet it must be the same feeling when you wear it :)))

Congratulations to all highlighted!!
I love all the pieces, they are all adorable!!

Posted at 5:42pm Nov 22, 2010 EST

faima says

I like them all, but vote for 9- Cozy Neck Warmer by nevita:)

Posted at 6:32pm Nov 22, 2010 EST