Promotional Opportunities for Sellers: Holiday Edition

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Original Post

marymary says

Dear Shop Owners,

As your busy holiday plans unfold, we'd like to help keep you informed and up to date on promotional opportunities you can take advantage of during this fast paced time.

Keep abreast of relevant merchandising themes and how to apply them to your business in the November and December merchandising articles:



Expedited Shipping:

Planning on offering quick shipping options for your buyers? Make sure your expedited shipping terms are written clearly in your shop Policies. Please tag your items "expedited shipping" to help shoppers (and us) find you.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Weekend:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are shopping holidays gaining a reputation as the best days of the year to find sales. Etsy will be supporting sellers' site wide promotions throughout the 11/26 - 11/29 weekend. All sellers are welcome to participate with any and all special promotions you may be running throughout these dates. Etsy will be promoting sales via three universal predetermined tags. The tags will be linked from featured areas of the site including email, Etsy's homepage, and promotional banners.

How to Get Involved:

1. Sellers conducting a promotion during these dates may use these tags to be included in the site wide promotions: 1. Black Friday Etsy, 2. Cyber Monday Etsy, and 3. Free Shipping Etsy.

2. Use one or all of the appropriate tags for your sale items and specify the details of your promotion clearly in the top of the item description for each item you use the tags on.

Note: Please do not use these designated tags unless you are promoting a sale during the 11/26 - 11/29 weekend with the details clearly laid out in the item description. Please only apply the Free Shipping Etsy tag to listings that have already been marked down for free shipping.

Note for Treasury Makers:

We'll be looking to highlight related Treasuries made up of the "Black Friday Etsy," "Cyber Monday Etsy," "Etsy Free Shipping," and "Expedited Shipping" tags during these key time-frames in places like Etsy's Homepage, emails, key searches, and linked from banners. When making a list, please fill the the entire collection with items from one of the above categories (Etsy free shipping can be combined with any of the other three). Be sure to tag these Treasuries you've made with the key tags so we can find them.

Specifically, we'll be looking to promote collections made up of the following tags:

* Treasuries tagged with "Black Friday Etsy" that contain all items with the same tag.

* Treasuries tagged with "Cyber Monday Etsy" that contain all items with the same tag.

* Treasuries tagged with "Expedited Shipping" that contain all items with the same tag.

* Treasuries tagged with "Etsy Free Shipping" that contain all items with the same tag.

Keep your eyes peeled on this announcement thread for new holiday opportunities as they develop.

Happy Holidays,

Posted at 3:47pm Nov 22, 2010 EST