Etsy & NASA Space Craft Contest update

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Original Post

ericbogs says

Last week, we received reports that we had overlooked some eligible entries for the Etsy & NASA Space Craft Contest. We've spent the last few days carefully reviewing exactly how the entry data was collected to determine contest eligibility, and we have confirmed that some eligible entries were accidentally excluded due to a technical error.

We appreciate everyone that got in touch about this concern, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion or distress that our technical error may have caused.

It is very important to us that every entry is fairly considered for the contest. Please read Christina Batch-Lee’s post below for how we plan to do so.

Posted at 11:20am Nov 23, 2010 EST


missbatch says

Here’s what happens now:

In order to extend the contest to all entrants, we are holding a second public voting period for an additional group of semifinalists.

We welcome all registered Etsy members to vote for one entry per category in the “Group 2 Semifinalists” here: (Voting will be open today, November 23, through Monday, December 6, 2010 at 12:00pm ET.)

What about the first group of semifinalists?
Every vote will be counted, with the 20 top-rated entries per category moving on to the finals. The second public voting period will determine an additional 20 entries per category that will also move on to the finals. (A total of 40 entries per category will become contest finalists.)

Everyone involved in the contest at both Etsy and NASA appreciate the time, energy, and creative talent all of the contest entrants have demonstrated. Thank you in advance for your patience as we do our best make sure every eligible entry is fairly considered.

I’ll be available in this forum post: if you have questions. You are also welcome to contact me directly through convo or email at

Thank you,
Christina Batch-Lee

Posted at 11:21am Nov 23, 2010 EST

missbatch says

For those of you that entered the contest and may have been affected, here is some more detail on what happened, and what we are doing to ensure fairness moving forward:

* We have confirmed that 163 qualified contest entries (out of 603 total qualified entries) were left out of consideration for the 3 semi-finalist categories in the initial public voting period.
* Entries for the second round of semifinal voting have been selected from those contest entries that were incorrectly left out of the initial vote, and from qualifying contest entries that did not place in the first group of semifinals, according to the process and criteria outlined in the official contest Rules:
* We have extended the length of the second voting period in order to allow for people’s schedules with the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend approaching.
* After the completion of the second round of voting, all 40 finalist entries per category, will be made public. Those entrants moving on to the final round will be contacted personally with instructions for the next steps. See official contest Rules for details:

Posted at 11:43am Nov 23, 2010 EST

missbatch says

12/6/10 Update:

Hi folks,
The second round of semi-finalist voting ended at 12pm ET. We are now tallying the 40 top-rated entrants per category (20 from this round, 20 from the first round). We'll share the finalist entries publicly in the next day or two. Finalists will also be contacted directly.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to everyone who entered and voted!


Posted at 12:43pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

missbatch says

12/8/10 Update: The finalists are now live:

Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in voting. Congratulations to the finalists!

If you have any questions about the contest, please see the updated FAQs:

The final judging event will take place in the new year (likely February-- depends the Shuttle schedule). More information will be available here and on the blog in January, 2011.

Thanks again!

Posted at 3:40pm Dec 8, 2010 EST