How much is too much? Can an Etsy shop have too much stock?

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Original Post

I am curious how much is too much to have in a shop? I just LOADED my shop (425+) pieces and now I am afraid I have too much. At craft shows I have had people complain that they are overwhlemed by choices, but do you think it is different online?

Gah, I am obsessing. Thanks for listening.

Posted at 4:28pm Nov 23, 2010 EST


AlexWijnen says

I personally do think I get overwhelmed, especially online. If it's a shop that I really like and I know I want to buy, I feel compelled to look at every single page (assuming there's no section that perfectly matches what I'm after). So for me, after 6 pages of products, I kinda tune out...

Posted at 4:30pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

I am thinking of maybe deactivating some and adding as things sell.

Posted at 4:31pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

As long as there are defined sections it's not too overwhelming. I hate visiting a shop with pages of listings and NO sections. My attention span is way too short for that. Nice pieces, brokenplate!

Posted at 4:33pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

I agree with Alex. I like a shop that is more minimalist and selective with the items it chooses to list. Just personal preference though!

Posted at 4:34pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

I like larger selections in shops. I do get overwhelmed if there's no categories, but I think you have that taken care of, BrokenPlate. I don't think your shop is overwhelming.

Posted at 4:37pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

I think a large selection is best although if you don't have steady sales here I think it's a waste. I bring everything with me to shows and have over 200, 250 pieces (mostly hats) on 2 tables. You never know what color, material or anything else someone is looking for in particular!

Posted at 4:39pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

brigit says

I don't think that is too many items as long as you have them in carefully defined sections so buyers can zero in on just what they are looking for.

Posted at 4:41pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

In looking at your shop, you have good, descriptive categories. I think you're fine.

Posted at 4:44pm Nov 23, 2010 EST

The largest shop on Etsy has over 9,000 listings. I think you are fine.

Posted at 4:47pm Nov 23, 2010 EST