Difference between mod podge and diamond glaze

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Original Post

Please help.

Whats the PROS and CONS?

I made an acrylic painting in a little wood tab and I want to seal it. what medium should I use?

Thank you in advance.

Posted at 12:32am Nov 25, 2010 EST



Posted at 12:37am Nov 25, 2010 EST

I have not used mog podge or diamond glaze myself, but from my understanding, if you just want to seal it, mod podge should work good. Otherwise, daimond glaze will make it pop. I hope that helps.

Posted at 12:55am Nov 25, 2010 EST

RedsKitten says

I've used both. Modge Podge is good for decoupage and sealing (Collage Pauge is similar).

Diamond Glaze is like a resin. It's clear and glassy and dimensional. It bubbles fairly easy, so take care with that if you use it.

Posted at 1:21am Nov 25, 2010 EST

oh thanks! :) I just bought myself a mod podge.

I think it will work great on my painting.

Thanks you guys! :) You've been so helpful..

Posted at 1:35am Nov 25, 2010 EST

RedsKitten says

Best wishes to you and have fun!

Posted at 1:50am Nov 25, 2010 EST