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waalaa says

Hi Azmz!

Posted at 1:13pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

waalaa says

Azmz, this is adorable! I bet this won't last long in your shop - an Irish stepdancer charm!

Posted at 1:14pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

waalaa says

Mermaid, this necklace is SO unique and lovely, and I love your description!

Posted at 1:15pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

Hi waalaa, and everyone who visits this nice thread! Here's today's treasury of Fresh Finds with new listings from the EcoChic team members:

If you have time to visit it would be nice:)

Posted at 4:18pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

This also is beautiful, always thinking of the Feb. girl at AZMZ:

Posted at 4:21pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

At ThePeacockFeather this wonderful watch:

Peacock made a handsome treasury: Time is on my side

Posted at 4:26pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

At Mr. FR's nice Xmas jewelry in an unconventional colour:

Posted at 4:28pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

I'm listing some white necklaces at especially priced for the Etsy Vintage Team white sale. Is it ever hard to take a pic of white on a white background...never again! It doesn't look so good but here they are for the moment:

Posted at 4:31pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

Bye, I'll try to come when there's someone around:)

Posted at 4:31pm Jan 6, 2011 EST