Coupon Code Tutorial: How to use them in accordance with the ETSY TOU

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Original Post

attach says

Coupon Codes

*How to create one:

*Tech Update: Coupon Codes for your Etsy Shop:

*Etsy TOU, Dos and Don'ts for Conversations:

*Etsy TOU, Dos and Don'ts for Selling (shops and listings):

*A great thread on some things of what not to do (started by BlackStar):


Where to use CC's on etsy:
-promotions ONLY section of the etsy forums
-shop announcements sections
-make mention of CC's in your message to buyer section

Where to advertise your CC's:
-blog them
-facebook fan page them
-tweet them
-include them in your business newsletters

Submit your coupon codes to etsy coupon sites:
-submit to
-submit to
-submit to
-submit to

Submit your coupon codes to alternative coupon sites:
-submit to RetailMeNot:
-submit to
-submit to
-submit to

This is just a start of "etsy friendly TOU abiding" methods of using the coupons...feel free to share your ideas as well!

But, if we can the spam, it will make etsy a much happier place (with regard to the couponing:)))

Posted at 8:00am Nov 26, 2010 EST


Thank you for posting this, but not to be negative, there will unfortunately be those who choose to spam, no matter the TOU's.

I have posted in several threads the TOU's throughout this past week. With the new discount code it is like it unleashed an OK to spam. :(

Posted at 8:04am Nov 26, 2010 EST

attach says

I hear you stitch...Right under the blue create coupon button there needs to be another little box "can the coupon spam" :)

Posted at 8:05am Nov 26, 2010 EST

attach said:
I hear you stitch...Right under the blue create coupon button there needs to be another little box "can the coupon spam" :)

Yuppers.... I like it! :)

Posted at 8:09am Nov 26, 2010 EST

Silverdays says

interesting, thanks

Posted at 8:11am Nov 26, 2010 EST

The coupon codes are too bare bones and I won't be using them until they have more functionality and serve a purpose such as:

*Limited to one time use
*Being able to create one for free shipping, discounted shipping etc

Until then I will stick with It saddens me to see people abusing the system already with them and they have not even been released for 2 weeks yet.

Posted at 8:28am Nov 26, 2010 EST

BlackStar says

Thanks for starting this thread!
Sure there will be people that spam anyway, but from what I've read in my thread and in the convos that I've gotten from people many are thankful for this info.

Off to check out your links!

Posted at 8:33am Nov 26, 2010 EST

BlackStar says

I want to add this post here. It's from the other thread and has some good tips.

lightbrownhare says:
There are so many great ways to use coupons as a promotional device without breaking the rules. ALL the existing rules about spam, privacy, listing, etc are still in place. Rolling out coupon codes isn't license to go breaking these rules.

You can create or use an opt-in mailing list. It then becomes a draw for that mailing list which gives you more opportunities to promote to those people.

Sending a code when someone buys something. NOT months later to someone who was a past purchaser, but only in the course of completing an open order. This can increase repeat custom and build good will.

Posting it in the usual social networking places while being sure to adhere to their individual rules (Twitter, blog, Facebook, other fora as appropriate). It then becomes a draw for people to actually follow you on those promotional platforms. It's *value* for the subscriber and again gives you a way to promote to them regularly by *their* choice.

Adding the information to any advertising banners, buttons, etc. While passive, it's a direct incentive for people to click through and browse.

Post in your announcement/profile/signature/etc, either the code itself if it's general or a way to get the information later. This is a way to draw subscribers to your mailing list/blog/etc when they found your shop by other means, like through the search.

And basically present the information whenever appropriate without breaking the rules of whatever venue you're using to promote your shop. This includes handing out business cards in person.

Posted at 8:37am Nov 26, 2010 EST

marking here too, thanks

Posted at 8:41am Nov 26, 2010 EST