Cartoon Penguin Avatars...?

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1mADwoman says

They never looked like penguins to me - I guess the webbed yellow feet tipped me off.

Catbooks, I must say, your ducky looks particularly stylish. ;P

Posted at 4:43pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

lmao! I never noticed the webbed feet.

Posted at 4:44pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

1mADwoman says

:D In the original duck avi, it's easier to see.

Posted at 4:45pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

thanks you, 1madwoman :) *preens*

Posted at 4:46pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

who has the original?

Posted at 4:47pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

thanks you = couldn't decide to say thanks or thank you :D

Posted at 4:47pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

Yeah, I keep seeing the duck avatars and was wondering as well. :)

Posted at 4:48pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

FlossysTreasures says:
who has the original?


The duck who shall not be named!

Posted at 4:49pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

1mADwoman says

Afraid I'm going to have to plead the fifth on that one for now, Flossys.

Posted at 4:50pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

lmao @ earthborneart!

Posted at 4:50pm Nov 29, 2010 EST