Etsy Success Reading List - November 29th

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Original Post

daniellexo says

This week's 5 must read posts from the indiepreneur blogosphere:

1. Where do ideas come from?

2. How to Captivate Your Audience with Story (From America’s Greatest Living Playwright)

3. Don’t Let Your Biz Fall Apart During The Holidays

4. Holiday Marketing, a Few Favorite Things

5. How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

Read an inspiring blog post lately? Share it with us in this forum thread!

Posted at 5:55pm Nov 29, 2010 EST


Wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!

Posted at 5:55pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

Thank you. : )

Posted at 5:56pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

Justlena says

Very helpful!
Thank you so much :)

Posted at 6:00pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

ClosetFull says

Thanks Danielle,
Great reading - very energizing!

Posted at 10:41pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

Thanks Danielle.

Posted at 10:46pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

This is great Danielle

Thank you!

Posted at 11:00pm Nov 29, 2010 EST

Thanks for including my guest post on Imaginative Bloom Danielle :) I hope you're having a lovely week!

Posted at 8:46am Nov 30, 2010 EST

groovy, thanks!

Posted at 9:20am Nov 30, 2010 EST

utary says

Marking for reading. Thank you Danielle

Posted at 9:38am Nov 30, 2010 EST