How do I request feedback from a buyer?

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toriska says

I'm glad I read this, I asked my husband if I should ask them for feedback and he said, "totally," but I was still hesitant. Now I won't.

Though I did make sure my mom left feedback when she bought from me. :]

Posted at 3:40 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

stefny68 says

In the past, I've convo'd folks to check in and make sure they recieved their piece- which I needed to know anyway. They usually reply, saying how much they loved it, and then *usually* leave feedback for me.

Posted at 4:51 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

artisanwoodcrafting says:
papershapersue says:
Ooohhh, thank you everyone. I thought Etsy would prompt every buyer to give feedback or something

there is a prompt when they login ___________________________________________________________________________

Not everyone receives a prompt on signing in, it depends on what operating system you use. I get it on one computer but not the other. The only place I see a prompt on one of the computers is when I go into feedback in "my etsy.

Posted at 4:56 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

The prompt issue is irrelevant. Some buyers just use Etsy one time to buy, get their item, are perfectly happy, and don't think to come back here. Since it is optional, ya don't ask for it.

I figure if I don't hear from someone for awhile, it was all good. If it wasn't good, I figure I'd hear from them.

Posted at 5:01 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

thanks for the info!

Posted at 5:10 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

ZViolet says

I'd never ask.

I guess no news is good news, but it sure is nice to know they liked it. :)

Posted at 5:13 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

eyeshoot says

When I contact a buyer after a purchase, I say "thank you" etc and end by saying "please could you leave me Feeback via Etsy to let me know when xxxx has arrived safely". But some do, some don't, but I wouldn't hassle for it.

Out of 223 sales I have 150 feedback.....

Posted at 5:15 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

Asking for feedback is not good etiquette, be patient and yours will build up in time.

Like your shop.

Posted at 5:19 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

PromoPixie, I agree completely. I think some people just don't understand what it's like to make something, pour yourself into it, think of it as your 'baby', send it off, wait for some sort of response, and then they have nothing to say in their feedback, if they even leave feedback at all.
Artists do wear their hearts on their sleeves.

I just want to know, regarding feedback, what makes some sellers leave it for SOME of their buyers, but not others? I can understand it if there was a bad transaction. But that's not what I'm talking about.

For example, what if I'm waiting on feedback from a seller and they have given it to people before my purchase, and after my purchase, and yet nothing for me? We had a flawless, smooth, easy transaction.
The others didn't spend any more money than I did. There's nothing more outstanding about their transaction than mine. And I'm talking about dozens and dozens of others getting their feedback, all around me....just not me.

I pay the second after I buy something, I always have. No one has ever had to ask me for payment. Yet, some sellers will skip over some buyers and not others. I just don't get it.
There's several sellers on here that has done that. I get skipped over, and others get the feedback. And no, I'm not going to ask them for it. I'm just sayin'....

So, why do some buyers get feedback, and others are skipped over like they didn't exist?
I can't help but to feel like doing business with them isn't appreciated or even wanted. I'm a good return customer and look for a good supplier of certain things.

So, it's not just that 'feedback is optional', that's not what I'm saying...I just want to know why SOME get it, and others don't.

Posted at 6:07 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

It's optional, but im sure you know that, if you want you can send a nice little note along with your package thanking them for their purchase and asking them to leave feedback.

Posted at 6:10 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

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