How long does it take for USPS to update their tracking info?

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Original Post

I have a customer who is mad at me, saying I told her I mailed her package on Monday, but the tracking number (given by USPS, via Paypal) is just showing "electronic info sent".

She thinks I'm lying to her, and that I haven't mailed her package yet. But I really DID mail it on Monday.

How can I explain/prove to her that I did? And when do you think the tracking number will update?

It's just going from Virginia to Lousiana, via Priority mail, so it should arrive within the next day or two...

Posted at 11:26 am Dec 1, 2010 EST


Alle05 says

she can call the post office for more up to date info, and they should be able to tell her the last time it was scanned in. i've noticed that it sometimes takes FOREVER for USPS to update their shipping info, so i wouldn't be too concerned. if you want to call USPS before recommending it to her to see what answer they can give you, that might be a good idea!

Posted at 11:29 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

Did you get tracking or delivery confirmation? My postal man told me that they are no longer required to scan the packages until it is officially delivered, which means there would be no tracking info. Some people scan it and some do not. Most of my packages are scanned. Hope that helps.

Posted at 11:32 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

Addendum...That info pertains to delivery confirmation only.

Posted at 11:33 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

Telomerase says

It's *supposed* to be 24 hours, but it can take days. And if it's international, it can even take a week or more to be updated... better to check the tracking on the receiving country's PO site- that's updated much faster.

Posted at 11:35 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

Sometimes it doesn't update until it actually gets delivered. You are right...she will probably get it in a day or two so things should hopefully be fine and she will see that it was mailed on the proper date.

If you used Paypal, you could forward her the paypal shipping email that you get when you print the label.

Posted at 11:38 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

It's not an international package. But that's good to know for future reference.

I printed the label via Paypal, so did get delivery confirmation.

Wish they would [consistently] scan/update when it's been picked up at least. Hopefully she will be patient, though.

Posted at 11:40 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

brainscan says

Ya, a lot of times I have noticed that the packages are not scanned. It is really frustrating. I keep a seprate shipping log where I mark all items that got go out each day and post them to a website where I list the first name and state/country. that way people can check to see when their package shipped without having to contact.

Posted at 11:43 am Dec 1, 2010 EST

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