How to get your treasury on Front Page

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Original Post

balmasque says

I'm just speculating, but to get your treasury on the front page your first 3 photo's are crucial. I've also been told by another seller that etsy likes not only variety in pricing, but also they look at variety in photo perspective-for example, full view, close up, angled shots, etc. Please let me know if I'm wrong. Just want to help some people out. =)

Posted at 12:38pm Dec 2, 2010 EST


You are 100% correct.

Posted at 12:41pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

PoleStar says

yes I have heard the first 3 are the most important.

Posted at 12:43pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

I think you are right, but also variety in products, linking theme (seen arrow theme, lumberjack, wood etc), neutral colours with an odd splash of colour. Promote really well and get all featured artists to promote like crazy so it stays near the top to be spotted.

Posted at 12:44pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

balmasque says

I kind of just stumbled upon the first 3 photos thing while browsing treasuries actually. It's kind of common sense that you would click on the treasury that have appealing photos. =)

Posted at 12:45pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

balmasque says

Anymore ideas on how to get your treasury to frontpage?

Posted at 4:01pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

fieldtrip says

hi @balmasque - are you on a treasury team already?

Posted at 4:05pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

bribe admin!

Posted at 4:08pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

fieldtrip says

hands allegroarts some cookies to hand to admin! ;) <- she kids!

Posted at 4:09pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

lisajune says

Heh, it sounds like you're thinking about the front page of the Treasury itself. Our algorithm to determine how these are ranked is based on how many clicks, comments a list receives also how many times it is shared.

For more on how Treasuries are chosen for the front page of Etsy, one of our curator's Emily shed a little light, here:

Posted at 4:16pm Dec 2, 2010 EST