How to choose an Etsy shop name (or a company name)

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Original Post

Hi everyone,

I found this article on the web and I thought it would be most relevant to those of you who are just starting out and getting your feet wet in business.

The whole notion that every handcrafter has a back story is so very true, and it's great if you can somehow reflect that in your shop name.

There were some great tips in that article, but I'm sure there are more ideas and opinions that the Etsy community can contribute. :) What are your thoughts on this?

Warm regards,

Posted at 10:03 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST


I love all the creative names on etsy and in the handmade community at large. I often say I wish I was that creative in labeling my business adventure. I find the more creative or unique, the more likely I am to remember it.

Posted at 10:06 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

WieberArt says

Thank you for sharing this with us, Michelle.

Posted at 10:06 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

Thanks Michelle. It was an interesting article, even though I'd already picked my name.

Posted at 10:14 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

@CrownBindery: I think your shop name reflects the kind of crafts you make perfectly! No need to be even more creative than that, I think. :) But yes, I understand what you mean by all those nifty shop names out there, they're WONDERFUL!

@WieberArt: No problem, always love to share. :)

Posted at 10:14 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

<----- Named after my bird, Lytha. It seemed smart at the time. In hindsight - I've have chosen something a little more on point, or at least something a little easier to spell out for vendors.

Posted at 10:15 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

@KayzKreationz: Now you can go ahead and impart this advice to your other friends who are thinking of starting their own businesses! :)

Posted at 10:15 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

I sometimes wish my biz name was a bit shorter. Especially when typing links all day.

Posted at 10:16 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

@StoryBuilderToys: I know what you mean about having to type out links. What I sometimes do is to keep a MS Word window open and have my most frequently-used links pasted there, so I can easily copy and paste them wherever I need to.

Ctrl + C (to copy) and Ctrl + V (to paste) are my bestest best friends for typing. :p

Posted at 10:26 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

Great points. Here's how I picked my shop name:

Posted at 10:30 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

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