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Original Post

Hi, and if you're new, welcome to Etsy! Here are some helpful links to get you started with selling!

The Seller Handbook: all of our articles about successful selling:

Etsy Success for Beginners:

Getting more views and sales:

Mentors thread: a list of sellers who volunteer to mentor other sellers:

Virtual Labs: video workshops and discussions to help sellers become more successful. Topics include shop critiques, seller chats, and newbie chats. Each are held several times a week. You can participate in the chats, or just watch. Lots of fun!

Forums: this is where we are now :) Lots of wisdom in here- just search for whatever topic you would like to know about, or start a new thread

Seller Apps: tools made by outside developers to help you manage your Etsy shop:

Teams: many are groups of sellers with a common craft, location, or interest who unite to promote themselves and each other:

Merchandising Articles: know ahead of time what themes we will be promoting, and get involved in promotions

The Ultimate Newbie Guide:

Etsy Success Newsletter: a bi-weekly selling tips email

Searchable Help section: For rules and how to use Etsy type info:

If anyone knows of other resources that should be linked here, please let us know at! Thank you, and happy selling, everyone!

Posted at 2:11am Dec 3, 2010 EST


lisajune says

Ooo, sick!

Posted at 12:35pm Dec 3, 2010 EST

lisajune says

In the category of deep knowledge for the more seasoned seller, I would add this link to Emily talking about the criteria our curators look for in Treasuries featured on the Front Page:

Posted at 5:03pm Dec 3, 2010 EST

daniellexo says

Awesome resources, Michell & Lisa! Here are my two most shared blog posts:

Etsy Success Tips: Increasing Your Item Views

Seller How-To: Tag-o-rama With Descriptive Keywords

Posted at 10:35am Dec 6, 2010 EST

Great links, ladies! I'm giving this thread a good old fashioned bump for the new year!

Posted at 12:16am Jan 7, 2011 EST

Adding international shipping is a great way to get more exposure and make more sales, and this tutorial will help you to figure it out:

Non-US sellers: many of these steps will apply, but if you need more help, you might search the forums for a post about international shipping from your country, or ask in the Business Forum or an International Forum:

Posted at 5:25pm May 3, 2011 EDT