where do you sell the most etsy, artfire or ebay?

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Original Post

i don't sell anywhere except etsy but i am considering branching out.

Posted at 8:56pm Dec 5, 2010 EST


I have an Artfire account and I have listed some items there but no sales. I used to sell on Ebay but not anymore so I sell the most here.

Posted at 8:58pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

Im only here, but I would like to hear what others say.

Posted at 8:58pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

hjmart says

I used to do very well on ebay (many years back), just recently listed a few items and no views whatsoever.... listings are free (lol there is a reason they are free!) since nothing sells... i did sell one print there and that's it...

Have some items on artfire, but don't attend that shop at all, so nothing there.

Just put my effort into etsy at this point.....

Posted at 9:02pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

I sell most on ebay. But then I've been there for 5 years and have an established client base. I sell primarily fabrics there along with other craft supplies (scrapbooking). My ebay store is similar to my momentintime.etsy.com shop but I do list a few of my handmade over there. It doesn't do as well as the supplies.

Posted at 9:05pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

oh and I don't have artfire

Posted at 9:05pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

I am active on Etsy and have sales here... Opened an Artfire account but haven't listed anything over there yet, and I stopped selling on ebay when they it extremely bad to be a seller there.

Posted at 9:06pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

I sell much more on ebay, but only sell craft materials there. Works well on listing at fixed price for 30 days. Never had a good response on action listings as people always want stuff too cheap.

Posted at 9:08pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

This year 50% etsy 40% ebay 10% other. Ebay is nothing like it once was, up until a year ago I got 90% of my sales there, and yet when things are dead here I find I am scraping up enough pittance sales on ebay to get by (just). Without their free listings though forget it, they are not worth paying for.

Posted at 9:08pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

I've sold the most on Etsy. I had more than a hundred items listed last Christmas on Artfire on the free account deal and didn't sell a single item. I did well on Ebay with my teapots, but there were lots of collectors on there.

It doesn't hurt to try out different venues. Every seller will have different experiences.

Posted at 9:11pm Dec 5, 2010 EST