and the mustache craze is from what now?

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Original Post

I hope this isn't in the wrong section, but I don't know where else to post it. Just curious why there are mustache items/jewelry all over Etsy? Does anyone have any idea what this trend is all about? I don't follow trends so I'm always the last to know about everything.

Posted at 9:36 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST


lmao your post made me laugh. Your guess is as good as mine.

Posted at 9:37 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

My brother is sporting a stash. He does it to piss my mom off

Posted at 9:38 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

ifanhour says

LOL, marking...

I do know it is a favorite indie wedding favor, so all can have their photos
taken a la 'tache.

Anyone else?

Posted at 9:38 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

I have nooooo idea! But I hope it goes away soon!

Posted at 9:39 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

At the Thanksgiving at the Vegan restaurant, they explained it.

It's from the PETA program, "Wear your own fur" featuring a moustached rabbit.

I'll see if I can find a link.

Posted at 9:40 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

MamasHouse says

I've been wondering that too. It's ridiculous. lol.....

Posted at 9:41 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

schin says

I think it's the whole 'ironic' trend that hipsters love. You know, things that are usually uncool are now immediately cool, including mustaches.

Posted at 9:42 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

they are in my shops cuz people keep buying them...and I didn't ask why...

Posted at 9:42 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

thank you Runz!!! first owls (don't get me wrong, I love owls but you can have too much of a good thing!) now 'staches, what's next, watch gears? I kid, I kid.

Posted at 9:42 pm Dec 5, 2010 EST

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