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Original Post

anycards says has ton of coupon code, which I'm assuming other etsy sellers are posting. Unfortunately if you post one with a link to your shop, it doesn't work and instead takes you to the etsy main page.

I've had two sales now with coupon codes ended into the notes to sellers that buyers found on the site and I feel bad not honoring them. I know I can be firm and say if it were a valid code it would work when checking out but then I feel that isn't the best in customer service.

I've seen other stores have all coupon codes removed from that site, can etsy request the same thing because it's really causing some confusion and unfortunaely I can't honor some of the higher discounts other people are giving.

Posted at 2:40pm Dec 6, 2010 EST


ooh this is a bit worrying. Hadn't heard about this problem with the coupons.

Posted at 2:41pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

A coupon code that you personally have not activated for your shop will not work.

Posted at 2:46pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

She is saying people are adding it to 'notes to seller'. Don't like that!

Posted at 2:46pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

It took me a minute to understand as well. I think she is saying that is posting coupon codes valid towards specific Etsy sellers sites. However, instead of taking potential Buyers to those Etsy sellers sites, it's just taking them to Etsy. So Buyers are putting the codes into any Sellers Etsy "notes to seller" box and purchasing the item and expecting the Seller to honor the coupon code, even though these aren't coupon codes for their Etsy site.


Posted at 2:47pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

Or is she saying the codes have since expired?

Posted at 2:48pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

FallenAngelBrass says:
A coupon code that you personally have not activated for your shop will not work.


correct, but people find these codes and think they are for any store on Etsy, when it doesn't work they then request that you honor the code. It can be very frustrating for both the seller and the buyer that thinks they are getting a deal and then is told that they aren't.

Posted at 2:48pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

anycards says

sorry if I wasn't clear but yes, many of the coupon codes appear to be for etsy as a whole. I just had a brand new buyer put the code in notes to seller and then direct me to where he found it.

some define the store but many don't.

Posted at 2:49pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

Hmmmmm, :/

Posted at 2:49pm Dec 6, 2010 EST

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