How to remove a person from your circle?

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Original Post


I believe you go to their profile page and look for the 'block' option.

Posted at 8:43pm Dec 8, 2010 EST

go to profile, when you hover over the circle thingie it will give the option to uncircle, just like un heart.

Posted at 8:45pm Dec 8, 2010 EST

Genevive says

Hmmmm, nothing pops up when I hover over the circle thingie!

Posted at 10:57am Dec 9, 2010 EST

I was wondering this same thing. I am being inudated with their "stuff"

Posted at 11:02am Dec 9, 2010 EST

Genevive says:
Hmmmm, nothing pops up when I hover over the circle thingie!
There is no Circle thingy..... if the person is in your Circle, it will say "In Your Circle", and if you hover, a small "x" will appear at the end of the statement "In Your Circle".

Posted at 11:03am Dec 9, 2010 EST

Go to the profile page of the person you want to remove. On the top left side it will say they are in your circle move to that line and a "x" will appear. Click on the "x"

Removing and blocking are different actions for those who are saying go to blocking.

Posted at 11:09am Dec 9, 2010 EST

I wanted to know this too! Thanks for the help all! :)

Posted at 11:12am Dec 9, 2010 EST

I don't understand why people want to be removed from other people's circles. If someone added me to their circle, I would be happy, not upset. I felt it would be a courtesy that if someone "liked" my shop, I would add them to my circle to see what other things they like and perhaps expand my etsy horizons. Then I got an angry convo asking why I added the person to my circle. Is there some sort of etsy circle etiquette I don't know about?????

Posted at 4:52pm Dec 10, 2010 EST

whimsypics says

Maybe then just don't get it, TwinTree?

Posted at 4:54pm Dec 10, 2010 EST