Why is etsy getting rid of the etsywiki?

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rtisan says

Yup, stitch,

And many etsians put a lot of time writing articles.

Posted at 4:35pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

Too bad -- bye-bye etsywiki! You were a good friend who never hesitated to provide great info and were there day and night to reassure newbies and to lend a helping hand.

RIP Etsywiki. No relation to wikileaks.

Posted at 4:37pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

why get rid of it?

was the info out of date? was the info found there embarrassing or incorrect?

Is it because the info isn't actually *on* Etsy's site and therefore doesn't translate into the clickie-clicks which Etsy loves so dearly?

Lord knows, Etsy keeps useless Promotions forum threads forevah and God forbid Etsy should delete a Treasury.

Why? was it hurting anything?

Posted at 4:40pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

weird--why get rid of it?

i agree many people put time into it--and still get referrals from it according to ga.


Posted at 4:41pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

Because as mom always said - Because I said so...

Posted at 4:41pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

*waves to PetitPoulailler--long time no see!

Posted at 4:42pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

lol I was just thinking that Daisy dear ♥ I'm elsewhere usually and only here to check in on convo's.

Hope your holidays are luverly xo

Posted at 4:44pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

Maybe because of the negative association with the word "wiki" (e.g. the recent Wikileaks debacle)? But just a quess.

Posted at 4:46pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

RobWhite says

With the exception of a couple of pages (predominantly the lists of top sellers and the page describing common Etsy lingo), the Etsywiki has been rarely used or edited for years. Having languished for that amount of time and it existing outside of Etsy proper, the question in our minds was less "why shut it down" than it was "why keep it up?"

Though I can't say what the outcome will be at this time, I'll talk to the folks who manage our Help content to see how feasible including some information about common Etsy lingo would be. Lists of top sellers can be found on at least a couple of third-party sites.

Posted at 4:46pm Dec 13, 2010 EST

A lot of info was outdated and people didn't bother editing it anymore. Some of it was confusing for that reason.

Posted at 4:48pm Dec 13, 2010 EST