please help- my day job makes me so sad, i hate it!!!!!!

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Original Post

I have been unhappy at work for such a long time now. I only work four days a week 8.30-3.30 but the time I spend there is so intense, and the people I work with do nothing but moan and bitch about everyone else all day- I literally cant stand it.

Last week my supervisor swore at me down the phone when I was sick and today I have arrived at work to find an email from the head of the company asking me to come to his office for an 'informal meeting'. uhhh.

Im so sorry to moan- this is the other thing- should I feel blessed and grateful to have a job at all in these tough times?? Also I got married recently, and I dont want to let my husband down by leaving :( I think he would be so dissapointed in me, and massively worried about money for us too :(

I just dont know what to do. I have another part time job in a bar which i do a few shifts per week in, I could probably do a few more there until I find something else.

The other thing is, we have been trying for a baby! :) I have a little feeling I might be pregnant (shhh though secret) and so I feel to leave now would maybe be silly- but I'm so unhappy here!

Please help, any advice SO welcome. In my ideal world I'd run my etsy store full time- but I'm not sure how realistic this is.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.


Posted at 5:08am Dec 14, 2010 EST


WoodNPiece says

Temp work.

I LOVED it! It was the only way to get out the work place moan cycle and all the office politics.

It's very flexible especially if you think you might be pregnant.

I honestly felt NEEDED as a temp. There are some assignments that can be a regular booking but most are erratic but so full of variety.

Posted at 5:17am Dec 14, 2010 EST

I literally cant stand office politics- it drives me insane. thank you so much for your advice.


Posted at 5:19am Dec 14, 2010 EST

WoodNPiece says

I really hope everything works out for you. I've been in exactly the same position. Biggest hugs!

Posted at 5:22am Dec 14, 2010 EST

aww thank you, that made me teary. I hate that I let me job get to me like this :(


Posted at 5:25am Dec 14, 2010 EST

I was feeling the same way about my job a while back but then I started thinking about the positives. It's good pay for only 30 hours (usually less) a week and even though I hate my boss and the ridiculous politics, it was flexible enough to give me time for my Etsy shop. So if your dream is to run your shop full time, I'd work on it as much as possible to build it up. Especially if you're trying to have a baby. You could make that your goal, to be able to quit your job and only do Etsy and the bar tending job once baby comes... or something like that. Or, in the meantime, you could browse craigslist daily for a new job.
At any rate, keep your head up and remember, only YOU can make the changes that will make you happy :)

Posted at 6:09am Dec 14, 2010 EST

Start looking for an alternative job immediately. Keep in mind each time you've to go to work that you will find an alternative for sure.

Keep in mind, that your colleagues/ the company/ your boss are/is wrong, not you! You will leave them one day for something better, ha! Think of the money, you are earning. You don't go there for social gatherings, you just want their money.

Keep in mind, you will leave it behind, either by a new job or by getting a baby. You are not forced to stay there forever.

I do know this is a hard time but you can stand it better, if you concentrate on the future (= the time after this job) rather than focusing on the daily horror.

Does your husband know how bad you feel? He needs to know this to help you with some psychological support.

Fingers crossed for you! Become active - you can resolve this problem.

Posted at 6:14am Dec 14, 2010 EST

artisticle says

run for your life! I am up at 3am downloading pictures, so one day I can live off of my art. I don't hate my day job, but I'd much rather stay home and color.

Posted at 6:20am Dec 14, 2010 EST

First...think about temp jobs as mentioned above...when you have business skills but don't want to be trapped in the daily grind of an abusive job situation.

The plus my temp work, it paid for the rent, BUT eased the pressure enough for me to multi-task and think seriously of how to get out of the situation..maybe a combination of a better job AND things you can do to ratchet-up your etsy shop...

which may i add your shop is appealing.
also use some of that multi-tasking time to think of ways to promote your shop...

maybe approach some local bridal & formal wear places, see if they would be interested in carrying some piece.

if you are too shy...think about googling websites like formal wear or bridal shops or even floral design shops that cater to events...see if you can get on their links page.

also checkout the blog "decor8"...they have a listing of cool shops alphabetized & by cities...many won't be for you BUT there are a few cool boutiques that give out info on line how to send info about your shop to them for a "look-see" if they might include your items there.

sorry i don't have the site address for them , but i have a link to "decor8" on my blog...bottom right-side margin.

good luck to you...sometimes seeing and planning for the light at the end of the tunnel makes life tolerable.

Posted at 6:54am Dec 14, 2010 EST

every one of these replies makes me want to cry, isnt that ridiculous?

its like ive been here for so long I feel this is all I'm worth.

Your replies and suggestions are all helping me so much- especially you streetnoodles! thanks!

Thank you all


Posted at 7:02am Dec 14, 2010 EST