How do I put my shop on vacation for a few days?

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Original Post

How do I put my shop on vacation for a few days?
Thanks A Million!
Much Love~

Posted at 2:13pm Dec 17, 2010 EST


Your Etsy ---> Shop Settings ----> Options ----> Vacation Mode


Posted at 2:15pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

Thanks Snookums and Me! I knew it was really simple!

Much Love~

Posted at 2:17pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

beesocks says

I have heard that Vacation Mode puts your google shopping all out of whack. You can also just deactivate all of your items and put a note in your announcement or avatar.

Posted at 2:18pm Dec 17, 2010 EST


Just beware that when you put your shop on vacation mode it is removed from google shopping. In order to get them back on you have to re-activate every item.

Posted at 2:18pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

Thanks, Your shop is awesome too! :) Mine is super empty right now because I'm too busy sipping cocoa and stringing popcorn for the tree. LOL. I should go into Vacation Mode, too. ;)

Posted at 2:20pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

Aren't you only in Google Shopping if your shop is syndicated? It should affect anything if you aren't syndicated, right??

Posted at 2:21pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

If it's just for a few days and you'll be able to check your email you might want to consider putting something in your announcements and then just keep an eye out. Better as others have said for google shopping.

Posted at 2:21pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

OhFaro says

I'm on vacation and, my items are still visible for purchase.


Posted at 2:22pm Dec 17, 2010 EST