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Original Post

I cannot believe that you are allowing anyone to sell this evil thing. This is just pure evil. I for one am going to pass this on to see if we can affect your bottom line. Shame on you.
Beth Edwards

Posted at 4:08pm Dec 18, 2010 EST


Apparently I missed something?

Posted at 4:11pm Dec 18, 2010 EST

Google is your friend.

Posted at 4:15pm Dec 18, 2010 EST

While you may not agree with their position or their product, or even their idea af tasteful, they are completely within their rights to sell a handmade product here.
Just click away to another shop.

Posted at 4:23pm Dec 18, 2010 EST

I believe you are calling out, which is totally not cool. I wouldn't put either calling out OR these items in the category of EVIL, but as far as calling out is concerned, that's an actual violation of the TOUs, whereas the other is not.

Posted at 4:30pm Dec 18, 2010 EST

lisajune says

I understand that this may be upsetting to you. The themes of this shop may be considered controversial, and I can see how they touch very personally.

Etsy hosts a diverse global community with a very broad range of sensibilities, as well as a wide variety of artistic expression. Etsy does not control the content provided by members, and we do not pre-screen content before it is posted on the site. You may find some things to be offensive, harmful, inaccurate or deceptive. (This is also noted in our Terms of Use.)

It is important to us that we allow members of the community to express their own sensibilities, and to develop their shop identity to suit themselves and their market. What is offensive to some may be intended as a statement about culture by an artist.

Etsy has rules in the DOs & DON'Ts of Etsy regarding what items are eligible for sale and how they may be listed. If you see anything that you believe to be in violation of Etsy's rules, then please report it so we can review it and take action to ensure compliance with Etsy's rules. That will be handled privately between Etsy and the other member.

Please do not use the Forums to negatively identify specific sellers. I'm going to wrap this up.

Posted at 4:37pm Dec 18, 2010 EST