Vintage Avon Perfume Flash Point for mailing?

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Original Post

Do any of you know how I can find out the flash point of various vintage Avon perfumes? It would be great if there was a guide somewhere to be found.

I have several bottles to list that are still full and in the box, but USPS won't allow them to be shipped unless I know the specific flash point. They can be shipped ground using the ORM-D form, but I still need the flash point.

I checked w/UPS, and they will allow them to be shipped domestically but it will cost just under $15 to ship one bottle from the west coast to the east coast. Yikes!

I've thought about listing them with the high shipping, and then in the description explain that if it's just the bottle they want, I can empty it and ship at a lower price, but I'm afraid if they see the high shipping cost, customers won't even bother to read the description.

If anyone knows where I can find the flash points, I will be very happy!


Posted at 1:36 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST


SavoyFaire says

Sold it for almost 20 years! Did you try their site?
OR try Ebay as much of it is sold there and some very knowledgeable sellers like me have sold it that long!

Posted at 1:37 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

Wow...I would never have known. I've shipped perfume before just normally, carefully padded of course. Never heard of flash point, etc. You learn something everyday!

Posted at 1:39 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

I sell Avon and have been for 30+ years. I would suggest contacting Avon directly.

FYI! Avon does not sell perfume - it is cologne.

Posted at 1:39 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

I've shipped plenty of perfume bottles via USPS priority for far less than $15.00.

Try Avon's official site for vintage perfume bottles. Also just do a Google search for "vintage Avon perfume bottles". I've done that plenty of times and found exactly the bottle I was looking for.

Posted at 1:42 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

UUendyandFriends: :-)

I've pretty much gotten nowhere on their website, but I have a message in to our local avon seller.

I think some PO's are more lenient than others. Ours strictly follows the rules, which is good as it does protect the mail. It just makes it a bit more difficult...

Posted at 1:45 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST


I was told that alcohol based perfumes cannot be shipped Priority as it is air mail, but has to go parcel post ground w/ the flash point. Our postmaster is very strict. If they were empty, it would be fine. :-)

Posted at 1:48 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

If you ship an ORM-D and don't mark it properly and it causes problems, you are liable. It pays to look into these things.

I don't know if anyone will recall the airplane that crashed in the south, in a swamp probably about 10-12 years ago. Anyway, it was found that it was caused by improperly shipped oxygen containers. I think that's when ORM-D and Hazmat became much more carefully watched. I would hate to be the cause of something like that, because something I shipped went on a plane and was put too close to something that would cause it to cathc fire or something. We took any potential ORM-D items out of the vintage first aid kits we have listed in our other shop for this very reason. I would never have been able to locate the proper info and I'm not taking any chances!!

Posted at 1:50 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

Exactly! "Better safe than sorry" comes to mind. :-)

Posted at 1:54 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

Mailing Perfume Question
Posted: Dec-19-10 09:16 PST
fab_finds4u (162 ) View Listings | Posts: 9,372 | Report

Flamable liquid is prohibited in international mail.

Cologne has to be sent double boxed. Wrap the bottle of cologne in absorbent paper towels, enough to absorb all the liquid if the bottle was to break, and place it in a heavy duty zip lock bag. On the outside of the bag tape an address label just in case it gets seperated from its packaging during shipping. Then put it in a large enough box that it can be surrounded with a few inches of packing peanuts. Put an address label on this box in case it gets seperated from the outer box. Now place this box inside of another box large enough to have a few inches of packing peanuts. Position your mailing label so you will have enough room to write (with a magic marker) "ORM-D" and "Surface Mail Only" on the address side of the package and send it Parcel Post. If you are sending it Priority Mail omit "Surface Mail Only" and be sure you have filled out a dangerous goods declaration!
re: 1999 Postal Bulletin 22011

further info:
the normal range of flash point for cologne is 141oF - 200oF

What is a flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a scientific term for the temperature at which a substance will ignite when exposed to an open flame. Flashpoints for each fragrance are noted on your invoice, after the fragrance name.

Flashpoint over 200oF = safe but combustible

Flashpoint 141oF - 200oF = normal range for fragrance

Flashpoint 100oF - 140oF = exercise caution

Flashpoint below 100oF = flammable, easily ignited

The following information is from 1999 Postal Bulletin 22011


Flammable liquid is prohibited in international mail. Flammable liquid with a flashpoint of 20oF (-7oC) or below is prohibited in domestic mail. Other flammable liquid is permitted in domestic mail via air transportation but is permitted via surface transportation if the material can qualify as an ORM-D material and meet the following conditions as applicable.

Combustible Liquid Mailability"

****I am taking out of context the information that only applies to the normal range of fragrances****

"b. For surface or air transportation, if the flash point is above 141oF (6.5oC) but no more than 200oF (93oC); the liquid is in a primary receptacle not exceeding 1 gallon per mailpiece; enough cushioning surrounds the primary receptacle to absorb all potential leakage; the cushioning and primary receptacle are packed in a securely sealed secondary packaging that is placed within a strong outer packaging; and each mailpiece is plainly and durably marked on the address side with "ORM-D" or "ORM-D AIR," as applicable, immediately following or below the proper shipping name. Mailable material sent via surface transportation must be marked on the address side as "Surface Mail Only." For air transportation, each mailpiece must bear a shipper's declaration for dangerous goods.
c. For air or surface transportation without restriction, if the flashpoint is above 200oF (93oC). Mailable combustible liquids must be properly and securely packaged to prevent leakage."

Hope this helps.

Posted at 2:12 pm Dec 22, 2010 EST

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