perfume on scarf

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Original Post

How do I remove perfume smell on a vintage scarf? It's been washed, febrezed, soaked in a strong solution of vinegar and water and nothing, smells bad.

Posted at 7:59pm Dec 23, 2010 EST


Moth Balls?

Posted at 8:04pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

How about putting it outside for a few days.

Posted at 8:11pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

lilbitty says

You need Heloise's help :) (Hopefully that makes sense....but she's from Good Housekeeping magazine). I am not able to offer any advice other than did you try google... that's some powerful toilette water!!!!

Posted at 8:20pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

Thanks all, outside I can do that,no I haven't tried google but I will.
I know it smells awful and very strong, it's such a great scarf.

Posted at 9:52pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

0namesleft says

baking soda maybe????

Posted at 1:04am Dec 24, 2010 EST

try putting it in a tupperware with a few bricks of coal for a few days, if that won't work, i don't know what will, it takes out any stink! :)

Posted at 2:55am Dec 24, 2010 EST

crochetgal says

Get yourself some deactivated charcoal and put the scarf in a tub with a bit of the charcoal. The deactivated charcoal should take the smell of perfume away after a few days. It will take cigarette smoke out .

You should be able to find deactivated charcoal in powder form in any health food shop.

Posted at 3:31am Dec 24, 2010 EST

charcoal will work, and so will kitty litter--fresh not used :) Just put it in a sealed tub or bag for several days and it should come out smelling like *nothing*

Posted at 4:36am Dec 24, 2010 EST

If vinegar doesn't work, I don't know what will.

I have heard about people using coffee (dry) in a car to successfully take away smoke odor.

Posted at 5:32am Dec 24, 2010 EST