Oh Canada Team January 2011 Chat

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Original Post

Happy New Year Etsy!

Welcome to the official December chat thread for the Oh Canada Team!

Our talented team sells handmade goods, vintage finds and craft supplies from all across the country.

To see some great examples of our creations, plus helpful Etsy tips like our Tag Workshop, visit the Oh Canada Team blog:


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Here's to a great year!

Posted at 12:10am Jan 1, 2011 EST


Happy 2011 everyone, and marking :)

Posted at 1:01am Jan 1, 2011 EST

bstudio says

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Posted at 1:25am Jan 1, 2011 EST

21 minutes to go here!

Posted at 1:39am Jan 1, 2011 EST

yah, 2011, here we come!!!!

Posted at 1:39am Jan 1, 2011 EST

Happy New Year....

Posted at 1:53am Jan 1, 2011 EST

Happy Nerw Year!!!

Posted at 2:02am Jan 1, 2011 EST

junquete says

wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Posted at 2:15am Jan 1, 2011 EST

junquete says

Well here's my resolution for the year-- we it's more of a decision hubby and I made.

I haven't worked but one month this uhhh last year. When I got laid off and then screwed I got really depressed.
But I'm coming out of it.

Well I've figured I'm not really able to work for anyone yet. But ten years ago I had a good business doing alterations and repairs.
I ended up closing it down to help a friend develop a business. (mistake)

At the time we rented a house that had a separate small building and I renovated that worked really well.

But now we own a small mobile home but I think I can make it work. We have small dining area that's been the home of my husband's studio but he hasn't had a recording project for the past year and a half.
So we are moving him out and me in. My industrial sewing machine and serger and desk and another smaller sewing machine will move in.

I bought a couple of 60"X64" venetian blinds for 8.00!!
each and will hang them up to divide the kitchen and living room off.
It will just keep the home parts separate a little. I have a curtain track up now and will put big fabric hanging from it to make a change room and then I have a sewing shop!

I have had a lot of folks ask if I was still sewing for several years 9but I couldn't handle the two jobs at the time). I was the only one in town that replaced broken zippers in every kind of coat going and did the fire departments repairs.

So it's time! My son is here to help with the moving of equipment so as of Jan. 2nd I'll be open.
Don't have a business license yet but everyone in the town office used me for years and the last two never even bugged me about one.
I can coast for a bit until I make enough money to apply for one.
But I'm very excited because it means not having to go out to work for someone else.
I plan on working really hard and get this developed and see no big problems ahead. I've done it before and figure I can rebuild it again.
I also still have my business wholesale account and they will help me out big time. They are a great bunch and I've always brought them little treats and stuff and still bought from them for the past ten years I worked with the other jerk. So I'm in great standing with them.
But I do still have a fair bit of supplies in stock at the moment.
Anyhow it looks I've written a novel here but I just wanted to share. My future is looking very bright again and I'm ready to move on to working my tail off again--but this time for me!

Posted at 2:37am Jan 1, 2011 EST

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you all the best in 2011

Posted at 6:56am Jan 1, 2011 EST