Etsy Shut down my shop without warning or notice!

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Original Post

pinkribb0n says

Few days ago my shop was shut down without a notice.
I had to write a e-mail to support team. Etsy support team said I have other ID with same credit card. I had to think and remember that I had one more ID that I made in MARCH 2010. I didn't use that ID alot because my package didn't match with ID, so I set up a NEW ID llittlecards. The ID that I didn't used alot sold 7 or 8 item in a year(almost). I e-mail back to support team and told her ETSY can delete my ID that I am NOT using But re-open llittlecards ID.

It's been passed 4~5days and no reply back from ETSY. I am checking my e-mail evey hours. I don't think Etsy knows how frustrating and BIG situation ithis is for me.

payments for fees were never late, I am selling handmade flowers, and paid all listing fees. I don't know why it's hard and takes long time to get reply back from ETSY. What is support team made up for? Isn't to help people who have issues or problems with account/shop? If you shut down a shop in one day without notice or warning, I think ETSY have to know & understand that there are people including myself who do crafting for living or for small business. And imagine one day you went online and your shop is blocked.

money is not the only thing. People who sell items in ETSY put lots of time, effort and money.

*I opened my shop in MARCH 2010,
ID 'llittlecards' sold 1,972 : 1075 100% pos. feedback

*Other ID ' pinkribb0n' was opened in March 2010 too.
sold 7 or 8 items. and maybe 5 feedbacks(?) not sure

by looking at etsy, I know lots of people who have 2~4 ID's and all 2~4 ID's are still active. I think POLICY/RULES that etsy have has to be fair to all people in etsy. I thought having two ID was okay, I should just deleted one ID 'pinkribb0n' that I didn't used. It was my mistake that I DIDN'T delete ID that I didn't used alot. BUT I don't think my mistake was major BIG problem to shutdown my active shop (llittlecards). It is just not right, and how etsy taking care of this matter is wrong. It have to be fair to all people. And keep in contact so the person can quickly reply.

I don't know how long it will take to solve this problem and get re-open or to get a reply or answer back from ETSY. Just hope Etsy will read this forum.

Your ability to post in the forums has been suspended.

ETSY suspened me to forums, so I had to log in with pinkribb0n ID.
Also if you want to email me (ESTY)Please e-mail me to / ID: llittlecards
I don't remember pinkribb0n e-mail add. or password.

Posted at 5:24am Jan 1, 2011 EST


quirke says

Having multiple IDs is fine (I have several). But you must disclose all of them, in all accounts. Perhaps you forgot? Did they say why they shut you down?

That being said, not responding to your queries for 4 days seems pretty shoddy.

I'd recommend contacting Live Help, but they won't be open until Monday, I think. You might be out of luck for the weekend.

They will probably also shut down this thread for discussing "private matters".

Posted at 5:34am Jan 1, 2011 EST

kts815 says


Posted at 5:39am Jan 1, 2011 EST

Agree with Eclipse. Shoddy treatment, but Etsy rules say you can only discuss it with them. In private. Good luck!


Posted at 5:42am Jan 1, 2011 EST

eclipse says

How could you agree with me when I have not posted yet?

This is weird. You can have multiple shops as long as you disclose them. I don't know why they would mute one account and not the other, if they know you have 2 accounts they generally mute them both.
And they don't usually mute you for having an undisclosed acct, unless you were posting with both (i.e. sock puppet).

What was the stated reason that littlecards was forum muted?

Posted at 5:54am Jan 1, 2011 EST

eclipse says
shop is still here
can you log into it?
just disclose both names in the profile.

Posted at 5:55am Jan 1, 2011 EST

eclipse says

pinkribb0n says:
I don't remember pinkribb0n e-mail add. or password.
Then how are you posting with it?

Posted at 5:56am Jan 1, 2011 EST

you last had a sale from your littlecards shop only 2-3 days ago

is it possible that your items have expired?

Posted at 6:00am Jan 1, 2011 EST

eclipse says

then why would they tell her she was shut down for the second shop? that makes no sense either

Posted at 6:03am Jan 1, 2011 EST

artbytrudy says

Beyond confusing..Really..

I don't think we are getting all the facts that we need to give an opinion or satisfy MY curiosity..

Posted at 6:07am Jan 1, 2011 EST

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