New Beginnings: Metal Clay Heads Jan. Thread

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Lisa, gorgeous enamel work and design.

Barb, your bunny is classy. The treasury is making me want to start on Easter projects.

Posted at 10:09pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

Lisa, love the enamel - I like how you have different colors amid the silver. I'm trying to resist the temptation of taking up another craft...but you folks are making it hard!

Posted at 10:17pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

Hey happy to be popping back in! Way too busy with everything other than my metal clay obsession lately. :(

Love the new pieces! The colors remind me of summer...lakes, pools, nice!

Posted at 10:57pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

DaVoria says

Lisa, I love your new pieces! They look fabulous!

Posted at 11:10pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

Lisa they are gorgeous. I too have suddenly only been able to take with black but that is with things with colour, I wonder if that is it. The colours seem stronger and more vibrant. Just silver for me looks better on white, but my new stuff I did on both and looked dull as ditch water on white but quite colourful on balck.
Anyway, very lovely!

Posted at 4:04am Jan 19, 2011 EST

Seavbeach says

Lisa your enameling turned out great! I would love to experiment!

My photos... I need to do spring cleaning in my shop and redo...

Posted at 7:06am Jan 19, 2011 EST

Thanks everyone. So far the enameling has been easy. I've stuck with easy colors and easy designs. I would like to do more warm colors, but they are harder, I guess and they only sent a couple with the kit I got.

Eventually, I want to do some plique a jour, which has no backing and looks like stained glass. Not going to get into the studio today, which is a bummer. My masters piece is probably half way done and I'm itching to finish it.

Posted at 7:15am Jan 19, 2011 EST

Lisa, "plique jour"? What's that? It's so cool you are doing the masters thing... can't wait to see.

Photos, ahh, that's why I don't have more in my shops. Got a box of jewelry sitting here waiting to be phot'd ect.

I working on finishing up my resin pendants today that I made from my friends memorial flowers. They are all sanded and shaped, and bailed. Just waiting on the last coat of resin. So far, it looks like Imight have some cool pendants for 5 of us women.

Anxious to get back to my clay!!

Posted at 9:22am Jan 19, 2011 EST

Sheesh, sorry for all the typos!

Posted at 9:23am Jan 19, 2011 EST