Ringing in the New Year Crazy BNR Style! New Rules! New Prizes!

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Original Post

MissKnits says

Welcome to our Crazy Lil Thread!

* To be added to our list, just buy from any shop listed below, and post your transaction! *

* All shops who buy on will start with x7♥'s next to their shop name.
- Each day you do not check in, you lose a ♥.
- If you check in daily, your ♥'s will stay the same.
- If you buy from a shop on the list you will get 1 ♥ added on.

* Each week we will have a Random Bonus day. That Day will be announced at the start of each Week. If you buy from the Shop of the Week or boot another shop off on Bonus Day, you will get TRIPLE points added on!

* Be sure to check in, YOU are responsible for your *! If you don't, you risk getting dropped off. *

♥ And Just a friendly reminder, please no double dipping :) Make it fair for all! Also, please be kind to one another and treat each other with respect and kindness! thanks!! ♥

♥ Random Post prizes given weekly. Those that boot a shop, will go into a drawing for a prize at the end of the week! All shops that donate a prize get a chance to be shop of the week!

It's that easy!!
♥ Total Sales= 2375 ♥
2500th purchase prize from the wonderful Sunnycrystals.etsy.com

♥ Shop of the Week is: Bagsnstuff.etsy.com (cannot be bought off) ♥

Here's the list:

1. KimNettieDesigns.etsy.com 17♥
2. LizardQueenJewelry.etsy.com or LizardPrincess.etsy.com 17♥
3. Sarahinflorida.etsy.com or theknitbrit.etsy.com funky jewelry and fun knits! 7♥
4. michellesthisandthat.etsy.com yummy treats and eats! 27♥
5. allstrungout1.etsy.com - peapods, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, kumihimo & more 15♥
6. SunnyCrystals.etsy.com - Mega Winter Sale through to 31st January 28♥
7. Kimsbeads.etsy.com or Bubblelane.etsy.com 11♥
8. calistacreations.etsy.com - young artist, great jewelry, crafts & supplies 29♥
9. bnwcraft.etsy.com - adorable sock plushie critters!! 13♥
10. Rhisbitsandbeads.etsy.com 16♥
11. susanschrock.etsy.com or suppliesbysusan.etsy.com - tags, cards and more! 14♥
12. Quiltnut60.etsy.com **Yummy Bath and Body Goodies** 20♥
13. ReneesPaperandYarn.etsy.com - (cards, journals, paper goods) 3♥
14. juliekope.etsy.com - Home of the scotties 3♥
15. hooknmirrors.etsy.com - pocket mirrors, bottle openers and more 5♥
16. Paratu.etsy.com or paratu2.etsy.com 9♥
17. frogbowler.etsy.com 9♥
18. ginghamgrlva.etsy.com - (aprons, tea cozies) 8♥
19. AngelElements.etsy.com - NEW RINGS! 5♥
20. Crystalvibe.etsy.com 3♥
21. marcenebt99.etsy.com - Jewely Sets and Jewelry Making Supplies 8♥
22. kjramon.etsy.com - Jewelry, Cards, Pictures, & Supplies 5♥
23. IsabellesAttic.etsy.com - Aprons,Hair items, purses n more 15♥
24. midnghtdolphin.etsy.com or midnightsupplies.etsy.com 5♥
25. Pinkrosessupplyshop.etsy.com 9♥
26. Jacquede.etsy.com (vintage, embroidery) or UNameIt.etsy.com (custom printed items) 7♥
27. daniellejoy.etsy.com - Free gift if you mention this thread in notes to seller!! 13♥
28. wyldcat.etsy.com 18♥
29. tomroche.etsy.com - Amazing Wood Products! 3♥
30. Linsthings.etsy.com or linsthingsart.etsy.com 2♥
31. Rubysweetpea.etsy.com or anniessentiments.etsy.com or nannieannies.etsy.com 8♥
32. plbcrafter.etsy.com - knits, cards, tags and more! 5♥
33. Kikisvintage.etsy.com or kikisvintagejewelry.etsy.com 15♥
35. cakeordeath5.etsy.com - candles and lots more! 14♥
36. causticthreads.etsy.com or acrylicandsteel.etsy.com - cool shirts in caustic, hand forged knives and art in acrylic 3♥
37. Angelaalessiyoung.etsy.com - hair accessories, jewelry, clothing and paper good 17♥
38. argent1na.etsy.com - jewelry, bobby pins, accessories and seasonal items 11♥
39. TulipsTreasures.etsy.com - Soap, bath and body, jewellery and hair accessories! (vacation) 1♥
40. lvsbeadsnthings.etsy.com 7♥
41. cbspolyworks.etsy.com 10♥
42. teaman.etsy.com 5♥
43. Snowy652.etsy.com 7♥
♥♥♥♥44. bagsnstuff.etsy.com 6♥ SHOP OF THE WEEK!!!!!!
45. Foohy.etsy.com or Mootsie.etsy.com (Fab Vintage supplies & Jewels) 4♥
46. RoseRidgeCreations.etsy.com or RoseRidgeMemories.etsy.com - For all your fleece and quilted needs 3♥
47. lisadonnelly.etsy.com - Affordable, all-natural jewelry, accessories, and destash! 10♥
48. nattycreations.etsy.com 3♥
49. MFCrafts.etsy.com or MFVintage.etsy.com puppets and hand knits 3♥
50. CoastingAlong.etsy.com Place for coasters, usually w/ a humorous bent 2♥
51. chainsnmore.etsy.com 4♥
52. liquidsabre.etsy.com - wire wrapped jewelry 3♥
53. Greetingsbydesign.etsy.com - 3D Christmas and greetings card 2♥
54. Charmingwren.etsy.com or Goshengirl.etsy.com 9♥
55. brendasbeadsandmore.etsy.com 6♥
56. earthdream.etsy.com or pholk.etsy.com 11♥
57. hipsterdesigns.etsy.com or vintagexx.etsy.com 4♥
58. BeadsYouNeed.etsy.com 2♥
59. twinstargifts.etsy.com 1♥
60. ciliciahomeandearth.etsy.com 4♥
61. Kirameku.etsy.com - Funky, sparkling, feminine and affordable jewlery & artwork ! 2♥
62. lilyofthevall77.etsy.com 2♥
63. Missknits.etsy.com or BitsFromMissknits.etsy.com 4♥
64. Sandyssentiments.etsy.com 2♥
65. Beadinginspirations.etsy.com 2♥

♥ Remember to add a * to your name once you have checked in for the week. We Start a New thread every Sunday. You are responsible to be sure you are *'d!! Please help to keep this thread alive.

♥ Every shop that donates a prize will go into a drawing to be the next weeks shop of the week! You can only be SOTW once each month! Featured shop will be placed at the top of the list and cannot be bought off!

♥ 516 prizes awarded so far! __________________________________________

♥Random Post Prizes♥

1st prize donated by:
2nd prize donated by:
3rd prize donated by:
4th prize donated by:

♥ Weekly Prize Drawing (for booting) ♥ Donated by:


Posted at 1:45pm Jan 2, 2011 EST


MissKnits says

Welcome to the Crazies BNR!

New Year New Thread New RUles and Incentive!

Please READ the list in its entirety! We have made HUGE changes!!!!

If you have questions plaese feel free to convo me!

I have booted many that were no shows! they were given many many times to check in - if you feel it was in error convo me!

We are tightening our belts - YOU are responsible for making sure your shop is checked in!!!!

now lets have some fun!!!

Posted at 1:46pm Jan 2, 2011 EST


Posted at 1:48pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

oooooooooh thanks mk

Posted at 1:49pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

paratu says

thanks so much MK!!!!!!

Posted at 1:49pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

oh congrats bags for being sotw

Posted at 1:49pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

quiltnut60 says

Woo hoo!!

Posted at 1:49pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

twinstar needs the boot!

Posted at 1:50pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

MissKnits says


Posted at 1:50pm Jan 2, 2011 EST

Why am I missing a heart lol

Posted at 1:51pm Jan 2, 2011 EST