How Long Until YOUR First Sale On Etsy??

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Original Post

OinkbyO says

I am curious, how long did it take for everyone to get there first sale. Any advice for others? :)

Posted at 12:26pm Jan 5, 2011 EST


In this shop it took a few weeks. In my other shop, I started with craft stuff, it never went so I started listing my photography. I sold one within a few days of listing my first photograph. Then nothing in that shop since. I need spring so I can take more pictures! Winter is so dreary.

Posted at 12:50pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

It took me about a month to get my first sale, but things didn't really pick up until a month after that.

I think your art is adorable! Have you tried advertising yet? Like google ads? Also, being active on the forums, making treasuries, etc, helps too.

Posted at 12:55pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

I made a sale my first week. Last month was my first complete month and I didn't do half bad but I can tell sells are picking up! Whoo hoo!

Posted at 1:02pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

....3 months. haha. Its picked up steam since though. Just had to figure out how to tag etc. That and my products improved, worked on my pictures etc.

Posted at 1:18pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

joneallen says

Just a few days for me. But I've had some dry spells recently. Just keep it up and have fun!

Posted at 1:22pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

It took me 6 weeks to get my first sale...that was in October, and so far I've had 4 sales total

Posted at 1:24pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

About three months. Tagging correctly really helped me get that first sale!

Posted at 1:24pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

crochetgal says

It took me 5 days before I had my first sale. I thought I had broken my shop when one of my items was missing!

Posted at 1:25pm Jan 5, 2011 EST

Three months - first sale to my mum!

Things have gotten better since. :)

Posted at 1:28pm Jan 5, 2011 EST