brother se400 embroidery machine

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Original Post

My husband bought me this for christmas. SUPER excited but had a question from my fellow etsy friends.
Where to find embroidery cards. I see them everywhere but was wondering where everyone buys them!!
Also if anyone has advice on teh machine!

Posted at 12:50 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST


Does that machine take a USB drive? If not, get thee the Ultimate Box, and card so that you can download designs online and use them with your machine.

IMO, the embroidery cards are overpriced, and you're stuck with a bunch of dud designs just to get th couple you're interested in.

Check out if you want to see some quality designs available individually.

I have a drawer full of cards that I probably haven't touched in 10 years.

Posted at 1:05 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

I have a usb port. I can go directly to my computer.
Can I still do the ones of this website then?
Thats a great website. Thank you so much!
Thanks for your help too. I feel a little lost.

Posted at 4:28 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

Yes, you can just save your embroidery files to the computer from that site. There are many, many other sites that sell embroidery designs as well.

Make sure you sign up for Embroidery Library's email list, as they often send out coupon codes or notices of sales. Also, if you like a design, make sure to add it to your wish list--sometimes the codes are only good on designs already on your wish list.

My studio is set up such that it's easier for me to transfer files from the computer to the sewing machine via USB drive. I do have a cable to hook computer to sewing machine, but it just doesn't work out with my desk and sewing table setup.

Posted at 6:27 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

Also, make sure the designs you buy are compatible with a 4"x4" embroidery field. If the design is even a tiny bit too large, your machine will not be able to load it.

Embroidery Library is a great resource for designs, so you shouldn't have a problem with this. Other reputable sites should be OK as well.

This is a great site with lots of vendors of designs:

Posted at 6:54 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

I have the same machine and you don't need cards.

Basically what you do it buy/download the designs you want in PES format.
Plus USB cord into your machine and computer.
Then, transfer the designs you want to your machine. For me, that means I just drag and drop to the USB port folder under "My Computer"

Its really easy! Let me know if you have any other questions. Ive been using this machine for over a year and I'm happy to help :)

Posted at 6:56 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

OK, you were doing all of those appliques "the hard way" in your shop? Oh girl! You might want an upgrade to 5x7 embroidery really soon--check out because she's got really cute applique designs, all done "in the hoop." There are several other similar sites. You won't believe how easy it is to do embroideries with the machine!

Posted at 7:14 pm Jan 6, 2011 EST

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