How do you manage 2 shops?

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Original Post

I have been selling on Etsy for 2 years and have just decided to open another shop. I have it all set up, but have not listed any items yet. I am going to take my time. My other shop is for women's accessories (purses, clutches, jewelry, etc.) My new shop is for babies and moms. I already know about the CPSIA requirements and am working on getting some tracking labels. How do you do it?

Posted at 12:45pm Jan 10, 2011 EST


ELEVEN13 says

I have two shops, one on Etsy and one on Artfire. I spend most of my time on Etsy as it's my favorite. I do not put enough time on Artfire yet thought I'd try it out, can't hurt to have more exposure.
Sounds like you will be quite busy but I'm sure you will be able to pull it off
Best of luck to you

Posted at 12:59pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

I use two separate browsers (Firefox and Google chrome) so I can have both my shops up at the same time if I need it. I also have one of my emails forwarded to the other shop's.

Posted at 1:01pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

I have 5 shops that I am getting sales from and 3 more that just have a few item listed.
My goal for the year is 10 shops with 1000 items.
I have a work order sheet that I enter all my orders, then when I get them made and when I ship them, I check them off.

Posted at 1:05pm Jan 10, 2011 EST