USPS time in transit to Germany?

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Original Post

illumine says

I'm in California, and sent a small package first-class to Germany on 12/15. She still hasn't received it. Anyone know what transit times are for USPS first class to Germany? I'm assuming it shouldn't take this long, but with the holidays and all ...

Posted at 7:33pm Jan 10, 2011 EST


Keep in mind this happened to me 5 years ago ...
I sent a package with a vintage watch to a German customer who purchased it on another website. The package was sent mid-Oct via USPS 1st class mail out of New Jersey, it left the USA with in a day or 2 and arrived at the German customs clearing house very late Oct. The customer did not get a notice that the package was ready for pick up through German customs until the week of Valentines day. The reason I know what happened on both ends of the package's delivery is because I had a polite yet persistent customer that constantly called their postal system for up dates after I followed the the package as far as the USA postal system could, and they kept me informed via e-mail. It turns out that certain types of items going to Germeny will cause their custom officials to further investigate the product especially watches, jewelry, and art works for reports of theft before releasing the package to the customer. In some cases, like my customer's, they ask them to come to a regional postal center to pick the item up with ID and assess additional fees based on what they determine the fair value of the product to be.

So try to call your local post office where you sent the package from to see if they will try to locate if it's left or is still in the USA. Then convo the buyer with the tag information from the customs form to see if they can get their local post office to see where the package is.

Posted at 8:40pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

I had several orders get to Germany in about 10 days over the holidays, yet orders to the UK sent 12/10 just arrived. So a bit of luck and then not so much.

I would give your buyer their customs barcode # and ask them to call their local customs office to see if the package is there. I've had luck several times with buyers doing that.

Posted at 9:20pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

homeygirl says

I sent a brooch to Germany from CA right before christmas only took 5 days. I think it depends on how you label it on the customs form. If you go on the post office web site and search IMM (international mail manual) there is a listing by country of what they accept and what they dont. According to my gal at the post office Italy and Canada are the most strict.

Posted at 9:44pm Jan 10, 2011 EST


Posted at 10:07pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

my packages to Germany can take anywhere from 19 to 60 days. It really depends on customs.

Posted at 10:08pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

ekonkar8 says

I sent a package to Germany on Decemer 24th and she left me feedback today.

Posted at 10:09pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

I sent out a package Nov 12 and it didn't arrive until Dec 23rd. You just never know

Posted at 10:26pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

I've had first class mail packages delivered in Germany four days and others twelve weeks. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I would try to keep my customer calm and not worry about it myself until eight weeks had passed. At that point, it is time to replace or refund.

Posted at 10:41pm Jan 10, 2011 EST

illumine says

Thank you everyone! She's not upset, and is a return customer, but since I couldn't find any information about transit times on the USPS website (grr), I thought I'd get better feedback here! I will hunt down the customs receipt and take it from there. Thanks again everyone!

Posted at 5:57pm Jan 11, 2011 EST