Queen City Emporium - Stay Away if You do Consignment.

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Original Post

rmoore1969 says

So I wanted to make a post for sellers.

Do not work with Queen City Emporium. They have scammed at least 6 Esty sellers.

I made a blog about it (funny I got their exact name as a URL...and rank on page one in Google for their name).


I made one other post about this company in the Etsy forum. I just wanted to be sure this would be an easy one to find if people get approached by this company.

Just trying to look out for the honest hard-working folks :)

Posted at 7:24pm Jan 12, 2011 EST


Wow, that's terrible!
I hope that your situation gets worked out.
Thank you for warning the rest of us.

Posted at 7:33pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

Hey, I just posted in your other thread, and sent you a convo.

Posted at 7:34pm Jan 12, 2011 EST


This is one of the reasons I haven't been able to commit to consignment yet, you just don't know.

Posted at 7:35pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

miascloset says

Glad I don't do consignment whew!

Posted at 7:36pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

wow! just WOW! did they contact you in the beginning, or did you find them?

Posted at 7:39pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

rmoore1969 says

@ drumckick99,

I responded back. I'll bug the heck out of these guys until something happens. They will be bummed when 1/2 of the first page of Google has bad reviews for their name.

One seller in California sent a bunch of jewelry to them.

Drives me nuts!

Posted at 7:41pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

AimeezArtz says

They contact you via convo.

Posted at 7:42pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

wow that really blows :( Hope everyone has luck getting items back.

Posted at 7:44pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

They have an active facebook fan page

Posted at 7:45pm Jan 12, 2011 EST