CRITIQUE newest listing in shop above

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Original Post

lvhdesigns says

what do you think of the newest listing in the shop above?

Posted at 9:44pm Jan 12, 2011 EST


lvhdesigns says

that is it?

Posted at 12:57am Jan 13, 2011 EST

lvhdesigns says


Posted at 8:53pm Jan 19, 2011 EST


Your work looks so interesting, almost as if it's pulling off of the canvas. I really like it.
Plus I can imagine how that would look on a person, if it were made into a dress.

Posted at 8:55pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

I like the painting. I think it's very pretty. I am not crazy about the photos. At first I thought the background was a frame and that totally turned me off of it. Maybe shoot your pics against just a white wall to really make them pop. Also lighten them a smidge in photoshop.
Another thing that might add a little to your listing, is talking about your inspiration for the work. Talk about the process and the work you put into it.

Posted at 8:56pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

Ring The sampler has a great explanation, good price and they are as cute as a button!

Posted at 9:12pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

lvhdesigns says

jkl- I love how you can make your encaustics actually look like real objects- I know how hard that is, I wouldn't even try it. This is a great painting. It looks nice in that frame as well (although frames are pricey to ship).

Tails and Ringo- thanks so much for your feedback. Excellent suggestions ringo, I will take some better photos.

Posted at 9:45pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

lvhdesigns, wonderful painting, would be great if you offer international shipping.

Posted at 9:52pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

Bella, those earrings are lovely! I'm glad you included a picture of them being held, they were larger than I would have expected. My only suggestion is that I think they might be more eye-catching photographed against a white background (for your first pic); other than that, great listing!

Posted at 9:55pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

Maybematilda: very cute earwarmer! Nice photos, description and price :)

Posted at 9:57pm Jan 19, 2011 EST